Popp's Response to Desjardin Firing

"Popp said he would be happy to bring Marcel Desjardins back to the Alouettes. Desjardins, his former assistant G.M., was fired as G.M. of Hamilton on the weekend after one season with the Tiger-Cats.

"I would welcome him back, personally, but it's all about opportunity and what's there," said Popp, who spoke to Desjardins on the telephone on Tuesday.

He said they did not discuss a return to Montreal, but may raise the topic once Desjardins has studied all his options.

Popp said he was puzzled by the Tiger-Cats' move.

"They've done this two or three times in the last few years and now they're doing it again," he said. "Marcel's a great guy and I know he worked hard. It may be best that he's not there and he can get back to an organization where he's more appreciated.""

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2007/11/06/levingston_alouettes_east_semifinal/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... semifinal/[/url]

Wonder if DesJardins will be welcome in Flick and Peterson’s little Ticat-hater text message club.

Wonder if d has been working for p all along?What did he work hard at ? scuttling the east competition? :twisted:

Conspiracy! My buddies in Montreal - I assumed they're joking - insist Popp let Desjardins come here because he knew Desjardins would make a right mess of the Cats.

Hey, if the Cats were even half-decent this season the Als would have missed the playoffs!

After he criticized Mitchell in this article, I guess we can definitely rule out Popp as the new GM of the Cats.

By the way, Jim, Desjardins made some good moves, but he also made many mistakes and fielded a team that only won 3 games. You can have him back.

Well said Jim!
Appreciate the comments. Your name was mentioned as a candidate for GM here. Now there is no way you will be coming to Hamilton in any capacity. Phew. Thank goodness for that.