Poppies on helmets and/or jerseys!

Contributors not being able to discuss topics without resorting to insults or threats is how a fan site gets shut down.

You made a suggestion that other people don't agree with. Such is life. Our veterans made huge sacrifices for this very freedom.

The CFL is a collection of businesses. Of course a poppy would be a nice gesture. There are lots of nice gestures that could be made. I still think the respect you seek should be left up to the individual. Why expect businesses and institutions to carry on traditions?

I'm not even sure if a poppy on a professional football uniform is appropriate. What if one of the players does something like, oh I don't know, gives the finger to some fans on his way out of the stadium after being ejected. Do you want that picture on the front page of the Spec with a poppy on his uniform?

Yeah,Yeah! You're right! You're always right!

Now turn off the StarTrek reruns and go bang on your bedroom ceiling and see if Mommy's got dinner ready!

Thanks for coming out.

I hope you really aren't a firefighter. I hold them in higher regard.

At least you got Meanstreak and I to agree on something. Maybe there is a silver lining in every cloud.

Tell that to the families of the six. I hope you never have such a tragedy happen in your life. Every soldier that has ever died in battle is a tragic event be they christians, muslims,hebrew, ect....
These youg men and women that have died in the Afgan war are over there trying to blot out a precieved evil
(or Actual evil) before it lands on our doorstep, and beleive me if we do nothing it will happen maybe not in our life time but it will. Those six that died yesterday deserve all the respect and reconition that they get. A simple poppy on a helmet should not cause such a great up roar.

Yeah! I go to work tomorrow; heavy-hearted that Ockham doesn't hold me in high regard!

Whatever shall I do?

And, Ockham... Is Leonard Nimoy dreamy, or what?!

Put a poppy on the jerseys!

Put a poppy on the jerseys!

Put a poppy on the jerseys!

I think a poppy on the back of the helmet behind beside the number would be great. Also, people on these boards seem to get more ignorant every day.

I think the poppy idea is great. as far as the cross or any other religous symbol, I'm not so sure. Although I do respect whatever superstitions you believe in.

....yet another Love / Love post on the Ticats Website......I suggest it get locked asap.......and hurry, there's Bible bangers in here which is always dangerous :lol:

That's cute.

sorry, I had to edit, this is not the place for my anti-religous rants...

I may be disciplined for this, however this, without a doubt, above all else, desereves a quote from my personal "saviour". Ricky, from Sunnyvale trailer park....."the stupidest @#!* giraffe in a dumb-dumb salad"...Goodnight Hamilton, see ya in a few months.

All I can say is that it is a great idea for the poppy and please dont judge the rest of us christians by some doze who thinks he is a christian

I forgot to add that I am also a military vet and behind these guys 100 per cent. Maybe its something you have to live and see these people to truly understand the situation. But I will tell you that I find it very disturbing to see such things as these 6 soldiers is no big deal. That my friend is disgusting.

I would like to point out that the original idea of this thread was a good one. Why not honour our dead? Does it have to be every game? No, but one would suffice.

However, I would like to point out something I find VERY disturbing in this thread, that being honouring Vimy Ridge and claiming that the men who fought and died taking that hill were fighting for our freedom. WWI was a travesty, on all sides. There was no glory in it, there was no good that came out of it. In fact, WWI is debatably the cause of WWII (although I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone who claims it wasn't with any credibility). More importantly, WWI was not fought for our freedom. Vimy Ridge is not something to be glorified, it is something to be mourned. Men died for no cause at all but the dollar symbol.

Having said that, I would like to say that I think the way people have attacked this guy over a simple suggestion is appauling. It's a good idea, as many young and old Canadians HAVE fought and died for our freedom, and it's important to remember their sacrifices.

Breast cancer awareness month is October.

Paint the footballs pink!

Good grief. I don't know what is more disturbing: the apparent inability to think critically, intolerance to anyone with a differing opinion, or the sheer immmaturity on public display.

No one has said the death of any soldier is not a big deal. What I have said is that it isn't a tragedy. 9/11, the Air India bombing, or the Mounties murdered at Meyerthorpe were tragedies. When soldiers go into a combat zone some of them will be killed. That is many things, but not tragic. There will be more soldiers killed. This will not be unexpected or shocking. Prepare yourselves for it.

My point is that it shouldn't be up to businesses to display symbols of our respect or appreciation to our soldiers. Is anyone suggesting their local grocery store or gas station display poppies? Why is it always the Tiger Cats that get these requests? What about all the other worthy causes?

Where has the spirit of the INDIVIDUAL gone? This collectivist dependency on larger entities like corporations, unions, or the government is disturbing. Think for youselves. Act for yourselves. The people our soldiers are fighting against don't have this ability and that's how evils like Fascism get started.

If you really want to do something to support our soldiers, try voting for a party that does something more than wears a fake flower for them - one that gives them the tools they need to defend themselves. Remember when they first got to Afganistan, a desert theatre, in green camoflauge? Or having to bum a ride because they don't have cargo jets. Remember the friendly fire incident with the American jet fighter? If our vehicles had the electronic identification device that the other countries have it wouldn't have happened.

But oh no. Next election the votes will go to the parties that cater to the appethetic, self-absorbed, morally superior without the vision to see the bigger picture. And it will be still up to the state to solve every problem as the INDIVIDUAL has lost his way.

Tossing all the apparant hard feelings in this thread aside, I have to say that both sides here have some valid points....so I'll just sit on the fence where it's safe... 8)

I will say that all of our first responders in this country have my unwavering respect and I'm grateful every day of the year that they are there, and I honour those who have been injured or lost their lives in the line of duty.

Military (Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard)
Search and Rescue Teams
Medical (Trauma doctors and nurses etc.)

Have a nice day and be nice to each other,

mike :slight_smile: