Poppies on helmets and/or jerseys!

In light of the tragedy yesterday in Afghanistan and the 90th remembrance of Vimy Ridge, I just got to thinking (again). Why has the CFL never had a poppy crest on the jersey chests or a poppy decal on the helmets of all teams in the league; during the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day?

We play important games during early November... the last few regular season games and the first round of playoffs. Couldn't something be done like this? If only for a game or two?

Lest we forget!

I think it's a great idea. We should have some kind of tribute to our heroes.

I've been saying this for years

A very good idea let's hope someone at ti-cats can help.It is the right thing to do.

only if you're gonna put a cross on there too. VIMY was nothin compared to the sacrifice we just celebrated at easter. So if you're gonna remember the men and women who died for our freedom here in canada, we should be remembering the one man who died for our eternal freedom.
otherwise, celebrate both however you see fit, and dont clutter up the jerseys and helmets with every good cause under the sun.

ouch. THAT one will open a can of worms...

"Vimy was nothin'..."?

Co-legend... how do you say something like that? Really! This isn't about religion. It's about freedom! And what young soldiers did, and continue to do, to preserve it!!!

Our football season just happens to encompass Remembrance Day (not Easter or Christmas) and it'd make a damned fine expression if we cose to display a small crest of a poppy on all the teams' jerseys! And I'll be damned if I would ever refer to a small poppy crest as "clutter"!

Shame on you! What total arrogance!

Do we really need our sports teams to display symbols not related to the game?

Six soldiers getting killed in Afganistan is not a tragedy...they are in a combat zone. How many soldiers do you think died on any given day during Korea or the two world wars?

As a Christian I wear a cross and as a Canadian I wear a poppy. I don't need the TiCats or anybody else to join me to elevate their significance.

good call ockham.
ub40 way to take my comments out of context. I said Vimy was nothing COMPARED TO the sacrifice of easter (aka Christ). I didnt say Vimy was nothing period.
This just in, the death and resurrection of Christ is about freedom TOO. A freedom far more important than your ability to do what you want, when you want without a dictator running the country.


Yeah! Ockham! Yesterday wasn't a tragedy! Okay!

And wearing a poppy is "elevating their signifigance" ! Mmmm hmmm!

It's not just remembering! Because, Lord knows! Our old veterans just want their stature to be elevated! Yeah! They're real narcissists!

You're a real piece of work!

anytime anyone dies, its a tragedy. if you died while defending your country, you deserve honour and respect for doing what many others wouldnt. but we should be careful not to idolize these people. Definitely give them the respect they deserve, but we have people in our country saving lives every day and they dont get nearly the kind of props that soldiers get (i.e. doctors)

It's pretty bad when a person can't suggest a show of respect for people who died so that (among other things) we have the freedom to state our ridiculous and all-knowing opinions on this site every day without getting jumped on.

I think any time someone dies doing a "job" that many of us are unable or unwilling to do for ourselves it's a tragedy. I don't see why comparisons are necessary on this subject. 6 KIDS died trying to protect the freedom we take for granted.

I'm a firefighter! I've saved lives in my 17 years as such! I'll idolize any young man/woman who puts their life on the line in a foreign country to preserve freedom; if I damned well want to!

Our veterans don't get near the "props" they deserve; and never have! All I suggest is a small poppy crest on the damned jerseys!!!

I'm guessing both co-author and Ockham are <25 years old...! Hmmmm!

Oh it’s bad! borehamgirl! It’s bad!

Here's what the TiCats do already:

  • each home game a plane from the warplane museum flies over the stadium

  • air cadets unveil the largest Canadian flag around for the anthem

  • paratroopers have landed on the field

I think the organization is doing enough.

Actually, after reading subsequent posts, I'm not sure what your point is.

My point is... put a poppy on the jerseys league-wide, genius! For a frickin' game or two!

How does a "Christian" have a problem with that?

And I'm saying it isn't necessary. If you read the posts objectively you might not be breaking this thread down to insults or assumptions.

The Tiger Cats are a business, not everyone's personal agenda. Constantly on this board come suggestions as to what the organization should be donating to, promoting, etc. Do other companies get innundated with such requests?

My point is the individual is free to wear poppies, donate to charity, etc. I value the sacrifice all veterans have made for our freedom and that's why there is a yellow ribbon on my vehicle and two poppies on the sunvisors twelve months a year, not just in November.

I should have known the if you had a good idea that honours the soldiers that payed for our freedom with their lives that some nut with their mouth open and brain closed would come out of the wood work.

I’m with ockham (did I say that?) …

I’m ALL for the SEPARATION of Sport and STATE.



No! Not necessary! We don't NEED it! But it would be a nice gesture! I realize the 'Cats are a business! I'm suggesting the CFL do it as a league! Right below the gameday sponsor patch they ALL wear!

And, I'll one-up you on your sun-faded poppies on the sun visor and your $3.99 yellow sticker! Although I know that's a REAL sacrifice for you!

I wear a poppy all year 'round... I have one tattoo'd on my left shoulder!

PS - We should do what the Miami Dolphins did and cancel all fan forums! They concluded that they were pointless...