For what it is worth, Marty York is reporting that, unless we turn things around, Jim Popp will be fired at season's end:


So, it looks like he threatened to quit if he wasn't made the head coach. If this is true, I say let him go at the end of the season. No man should be bigger than the team.

So, if Popp is completely out of the picture next year...who would replace him? I am not sure if he is still under contract with BC but I would love to see Buono here as GM/coach.

Thanks for the article MadJack!

IF York is right -- and that's a big if -- it just confirms my worst fears about Popp. I don't want him to fail, but I have a feeling the team will, and if so, then the axe should fall on him. If you're going to wear so many hats, be prepared to take the fall if the team fails to produce.

Popp has no idea what he's doing on the sidelines. And as much as I detest Bellefeuille as O.C., calling him out is unacceptable. If you like the play, let him call it. If you dislike the play, overrule your O.C. If you didn't even know what the play was, keep your mouth shut.

I agree with you 100%. As much as I tried to give Popp a chance at the beginning of the season, calling one of your coaches out like that just isn't right.

I say give both of them a knife a can of sardines and luck them up together in a room for a week.

Common guys, this is Marty York we are talking about.....He is worst than Herb!

I cant think of anything he has said that has turned out to be true

Well, for starters, he did accurately predict the hiring of Kent Austin in Saskatchewan........

Mind you, I accurately predicted yesterday that the sun would rise in the east, and lo and behold it did.

Quick! Give me the 6/49 numbers :lol:

Sorry, can't do that!

But I can give you this hot tip....

On 28 October, Peronista Senator Cristina Fernandez will be elected President of Argentina.

You can bet the farm on that one.


Is Wally Buono in the last year of his contract with BC?


Thats the only thing he has done that you find objectionable?!? Als omarty york has a tendency to predict the opposite of whatever will happen so youre hearing it from me first next year Popp will be back and he will be the OC as well

I disagree.

Unless the Als win the cup, he will step down as coach before next season.

My old man used a metaphore to explain something to me when I started my business. He said

"If you wan't to own the pizza shop, don't make the dough, hire someone to make the dough, if not while your making the dough, your competitor will be out working on how to make a better pizza"...

I like Popp as a GM but I suspect it could be difficult to roll back the clock on this one.

No mada, there are many things that Popp has done throughout the year that I find "objectionable". However, imho, this is one of the worst things that I have seen him do.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of Bellefeuille but what kind of a leader throws one of his people under the wheels of a bus like that? So now, not only have I lost respect for him as a coach, but I have lost respect for him a person as well.

Smith should join him on the plank as far as I'm concerned. Matthews, Strasser, Desjardins and now probably lose the GM because he didn't have the fortitude and leadership to say NO! Smith is still showing the same poor judgement that he showed when he almost killed the league as a Commisioner. Hell Wettenhaul hired him back.

Here is a solution. Wettenhaul sells to the Savard Group. Savard hires Vercheval as president and he hires Popp as a a GM. Then Popp fires Bellefeuille and hires back Matthews and Kevin Strasser.

2 years from now this team is back on top...Wettenhaul watches the game on satellite from a nice retirement community in Arizona or Florida. Smith goes back to work with Herb at The Gas ette...

Shit that makes way too much sense...this is the CFL...sigh

I'm a little confused here.
Where exactly did Popp throw MB under the wheels of a bus? Is it when he commentated that he did not agree with a play call? He is the head coach and its his call. He does admit his error in not calling a time out to discuss it.

You are blaming Wettenhaul for something that Marty York says? Common, What kind of sources does he have? The guy is nothing but a 2 bit Internet reported who IMO opinion has no credibility whatsoever.
Sure he may have reported one or 2 things that may have turned out to be true but none of them are anything that has not been previously discussed.

If Popp steps down or gets fired, will it be all that shocking.
Was it really a big surprise that the Riders hired Austin?
How many things did his sources tell him that never panned out? 99.99% of them and they are never mentioned again.

My opinions have nothing to do with Marty York. I don’t read the guy. He’s just a gossip queen.

My concern when Popp took the coaching job was that it would hurt the team. I wasn’t sure how but there was a good chance that the GM responsabilities, recruiting, contract negotiations and related duties would be impacted or that his lack of coaching experience would hurt the onfield product,alienate players (free agency…). Show up in the standings… In the end because of his ego would be hurt, his standing with players and ownership would be damaged and the fact the guy is a hell of a GM, hard working, good spotter of talent and strong negotiator so very much in demand. It would be difficult to roll him back into his prior position.

Well it looks like a combination of all the above has or his happening.

In a strong company owners have to make sure employees who are loyal and perform are allowed to grow to higher position and better income. Instead of making sure that happens. Wettenhaul chose to go hire back Smith instead of looking from within his organisation. That was a mistake. Then he allowed Popp to take over the coaching job. No matter if he made THE decision, he didn’t veto it which he should and could have done. This mistake prevented other employees from moving up (Strasser, Jones)…Cost us more talent.

Then there is the whole mess with the stadium cost overruns. Let me tell you football is always a controversial subject on most universities Board of Regents and Presidents. McGill probably gets donations every year in the millions of dollars from Alumni,Business people and wealthy citizens. So why can’t Wettenhaul say to McGill: "This relationship has been great for my business ! My team that I picked up for payables and floated for 2 years is worth 12 million dollars now and making me 500k to a million year in year out on top of paying my expenses. I have a packed house every game in the most beautiful football stadium in the world ! How about I make a donation of 2.7 million to allow you guys to cover the overruns. Give me a charitable donation receipt. Also I’ll send my president over to discuss with your AD how we can help you guys grow your football program and help you with its costs and operations…

This is what you would expect from someone who has made a 10 fold profit on an investment. Stop taking credit for everything. Its people like Popp, Desjardins, Strasser, Jones, Dorais that do the work. Its the players that do HUNDREDS of trips, promotions and travel to remote lands promoting the team and busting their ass on the field.

I’ll play Marty York for a minute and create some fiction…

Sources on web board tell me that the Argonauts will announce that Mike Clemons will replace Pelley as team president and that Jim Popp will take over as General Manager. A source on the team tells me that Anthony Calvillo a few players would follow.

In Montreal. a source at McGill University tells me that the expansion project for the stadium has been forwarded to the Board and will be looked at again at the next annual meeting. The stadium expansion si a source of much debate with the board…

The Alouettes are currenlty looking for a Genaral Maanager, Head Coach, Offense Coordinator, Director of Player personel, Vice President. Wettenhaul reached in Florida would not comment and refered us to Larry Smith.

You know what they say about good fiction…

[i] Dissension among the ranks is splitting this team apart.

Mr. Popp, I’ve studied you and you are definitely qualified for this post as Head Coach…in fact, your strategic planning suggests that you may be overqualified! (building, coaching, managing the same corporation…wow!) But it’s taking its toll on you, as you looked terrible this week…and not at all happy.

We have all known for some time that you are running the show here, and though I am a minimalist, even I can appreciate that you might require these many hats to receive compensation equivalent to that offered South of the border, for one title!

It must be frightening to both your families that so much of your spirit is further being divided. Like the ENDURANCE, these men must follow and trust you to stay alive each week. Unlike Sir Ernest, (who gave up his comfort to support his men), you have chosen to publicly add titles to your name, when your ship was sinking. (and in seconds it was all over cyberspace!) You manage effectively for yourself!

Now we are all following suit, and playing for our own titles!?

Sir James, (if not already done so), please confirm that these extra administrative duties will be carried out during the off-season, and will not affect your leadership of the team. Then, can we can get back to serving the cause, as a team?

And leave your business card blank…why limit yourself! :roll: