Popp vs Maciocia

Who is responsible to the Als advertising. Must be Popp as it would be the only job he doesn’t hold, if he isn’t in charge. The Gazette had a large ad today featuring the match-up between the two coaches. Like seeing Popp coach would get me out to the stadium. It only shows someone at the Als is completely out of touch with reality. I would go though if it were to see Popp fired.

LOL! Its kind of like asking who's the least ugly between two ugly drag queens !

However Popp would win best hair, no question.
Maciocia probably would win best dancer.

Coverage of the Als is next to non existent the week following a loss... so the Gazette has to improvise...

Like that is even a contest. As awful as they both are Popp has a very good team to work with just has no clue what he is doing whereas Macciocia doesnt have much of a team around him to coach right now. Given equally skilled teams macciocia is significantly better.

Heck given equally skilled teams a gerbil is significantly better

They should have added a little twist to the add. Maybe something like

"Popp vs. Maciocia...who will be the first one replaced?" :lol:

Maciocia: years of CFL experience, 1 Grey Cup ring as head coach, 1 Grey Cup ring as O.C.

Jim Popp: a mediocre position college position coach 15 years ago. Years of CFL coaching experience: zero. Years of experience even as a coordinator-level coach (i.e. not a position coach): zero.

The comparison is absurd.

But he has the best hair...

Very true. Absolutely no contest there! :lol: