popp up

has anybody read Popp's latest diatribe on this site. He's now trying to deflect criticism by saying we are not good fans if we complain, or if we don't go along with the team no matter how badly or stupidly it is run.
I have never seen anything more insulting.
The man who thinks he has done an excellent job is an ass and its time he goes. If he is still in town for next season, the Als can keep my tickets.

I must agree. Passionate fans WITH an opinion is what you want. Mediocre, no one cares fans are the ones that will put an end to your franchise.

Popp is not a good coach. A fresh start is needed.

I respect Popp's legacy as GM of this franchise. He's put together some great teams. I'll never take that away from him. That being said, he has destroyed my respect for him as a person. As a coach, he's an utter failure. As a GM in the past two years, he's made blunder after blunder. If Popp doesn't resign of his own volition, I REALLY hope Larry Smith steps in and does the tough but right thing: fire Popp and bring in someone who can repair the mess he's created.

JimPopp has a right to his opinion, unfortunately for him so do fans :slight_smile:

His piece is a combination of an "invitation to self-reflection', an adroit way of saying what you think without looking like your pointing the finger :slight_smile:. He then closes with a semi-passionate request for support.

Its interesting this was writen prior to the game. Let's see 45 000 people paid money to sit in the WORST football stadium in the WORLD. Where the drivers of the audio system have rotted. The dampness can foretell if you will develop arthritis, where the staff will serve you warm beer with minimal courtosy and you have no idea if you are going to make it out of there alive or be peeled under a ton of concrete and he questions fans support for his team in Montreal, yikes....

Problem for you Jim Saturday showed there is no problem with fan support, none. People are showing up, for the most part they have been very forgiving of players poor performances.

Fans are angry at management decisions. Most of the anger is directed rightly or wrongly at you Jim ! You need to look in the mirror (without a comb this time). Saturday 45 000 "fans" took time off from whatever they were doing rode around in the subway and gave you their dollars and you and your offense didn't show up. the week before Edwards made you his biatch and during the game Bruce did a trophy pose on the Als logo and you guys couldn't muster the heart to overcome 12 other men.

Who let who down Jim?

You also question fans for beleiving the media. Well Jim again you can always do like Berry and Richie before him in Winnipeg and answer the hard questions once a week on a phone in show or come on here like a man and talk to us. Bob Young does it . In this day and age nothing prevents you from adressing the fans without the press as a middleman. Maybe your too busy, none of them have dared take on what you have...

I have an expression. You can "change" the people or you can "change" the people. Jim please change before you are changed...

Stop whining and start winning, it will fix everything.

Ok that has got to be one of the most offensive things Ive seen him say to date. Youre only a fan if you take poor performances with a smile? So a real fan has no standards and will accept anything.

Also I dont get your saying Hfx

I'm saying Popp has as much right to question the fans as we have to question him. I respect that. I just think he's wrong.

The other point I make is that instead of whining about how he and the team are represented in the media, he can always start interacting with the fans if he's not happy with how the media is portraying him or his team. Might do him good, he seems a little disconnected from reality. Even Jack Welch one of the most respected CEO (GE) sat at reception and took phone calls a day a month. To keep a pulse of what his clients were thinking.

I won't even comment about comparing College sports with Pro sports.