Popp to sign extension

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The Alouettes should announce by the end of the day that GM Jim Popp will sign a contract extension. #CFL

Thanks Grover

3 year extension

Great news! Since he already has a contract for the 2014 season, this extension means that he is now signed through the 2017 season.


Pleasant surprise and excellent news! The man lives and breathes Alouettes. Congratulations to him.

Good to hear! Not the four years Wetenhall wanted, or the two years Popp wanted, but a compromise. I can live with that.

Now that that's done, let's see him aggressively hit the trail finding great talent in this rebuilding year1

I hope now that he has committed to the Als for the next 4 years and vice versa, he gets back to what he did best a few years ago, finding young talent.
No more signing veterans beyond their prime! (ie Ferri, Stala, McElveen)

TSN690 says that Popp will bon with Mitch Gallo after 5:30

Fantastic News!, Jim is the key ingredient in the mix that creates the winning formula in Montreal. I always loved his saying, "The Alouettes do not re-build, We Re-load!" That's a winner's attitude ... IN POPP WE TRUST

Great news for the club. He has had a long run, and there has been a bit of a lull recently, but his track record is stunning...224-117-1. Has would might be a competitive team and just needs to ease in some more youth.

Plusieurs d'entre nous avons été critiques du travail de Popp ces dernières saisons, mais je persiste à dire que c'est une excellente nouvelle. Popp demeure un excellent DG, et le talent qui se trouve encore aujourd'hui dans cette équipe le montre amplement.

Ce que j'apprécie de cette prolongation, c'est que ça veut dire en fin de compte que Popp et Higgins ont établi un bonne relation malgré le cheminement cahotique de l'embauche de Higgins. C'est donc dire que les deux hommes ont agir professionnellement, dans le sens des intérêts de l'équipe, et que Higgins a pu faire les choses de façon telle que Popp ait envie de continuer à travailler avec lui et de demeurer à Montréal. Il est pourtant évident que s'il n'avait pas prolongé son contrat, il aurait trouvé un poste le premier janvier 2015 à 00h00m01s. Ceci pour dire que Popp préférait demeurer à Montréal que de se monnayer ailleurs.

Je crois également que cette prolongation devrait clore le débat sur ses aspirations dans la NFL. Non que Popp n'ait toujours pas ces aspirations, mais en signant cette prolongation, il doit s'engager fermement dans la transition de l'équipe et y réussir pour continuer d'attirer l'attention des équipes du sud de la frontière. Et sincèrement, jusqu'à maintenant, j'aime les joueurs que Popp a amenés dans l'équipe depuis 2 ans et je regarde avec attention l'acquisition de Zach Zulli. Je ne suis pas un expert en football, mais un quart qui a dirigé avec un certain succès 3 systèmes offensifs différents dans son séjour dans la NCAA est pour moi un candidat très intéressant.

Le maintien de Popp au sein de l'équipe est à mon sens l'amorce de cette continuité qu'on sentait perdue depuis le départ de Trestman et la blessure de Calvillo. Avec sa présence pour 3 ans, la promotion de Thorpe, le fait d'avoir gardé Willis, Speckman, Dinwiddie et Campbell, l'embauche d'un entraîneur-chef qui a de l'expérience dans la LCF, la promotion de Stewart comme entraîneur, cette continuité commence à s'installer. Le retour de Calvillo comme entraîneur se situera aussi dans cette continuité. Je ne suis pas un fan de Campbell ni de Speckman, mais il y a probablement pire qu'eux comme entraîneurs aussi.

Je crois qu'on peut maintenant mettre derrière nous les reproches qu'on a pu lui adresser ces derniers 24 mois et regarder ce qu'il fera à partir de maintenant.

His role has changed anyway in the last couple years He's not as "responsible" for scouting as he was and that's normal. I still wished he resided in the city but that's just the way it is. He's still better than anyone available out there right now. I'm a lot more comfortable with Popp than I would be with Higgins as GM.

Absolutely. I hope that now, with the new contract, he can regain his old form.

Jim's fantastic interview with Mitch Melnick


[i]Good news, all things considered... Popp or Higgins as GM in 2015 (as was speculated)? Johnny will go with Popp every time. Even the stale watered down Popp of the last few years.

The thing is, which Popp are we gettin'? The Pre 2011 Popp... Or the new Popp who lives in North Carolina, only scouts players in his backyard, and signs burned out retreads (Stala, McElveen, Ferri)?

Popp gave the Als his best years. He no longer has that drive and hunger to be the best. He wants to continue building his nest egg at 500K a year, and spend a ton of time with his family in his basement...

All of the positive posts about Popp's new 3 year contract are not due to a glorious day; of greener pastures and plentiful harvests to soon sprout. This is simply an outpouring of relief that one of the few remaining pillars of the Alouettes gone glory days, will not set sail tomorrow. The only alternative to the old worn down Popp, was the even older more battle scarred Higgins. Let us not celebrate with too much an air of triumph and optimism, that the worst of two bad choices was avoided.

Relief is better than despair. But despair comes from a calamity, relief comes from taking a dump. Is that what Als fans must settle for in the post Trestmann/Calvillo/Flory/OLD POPP era?

Tis a sad day to be an Als fan...[/i]

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, I know youre not that kind of guy, but youre sounding like one of those old men who sit in the park lamenting the good old days. "I remember Etcheverry throwing to Patterson and OQuinn, well never see that again!!"

The Calvillo, Cahoon, Trestman era is over. Be grateful you were able to witness it. Time to move on. Every team in every sport goes through a bump in the road for a season or two. It`s the cycle of sports.

I was concerned about the Wetenhalls commitment, but reupping Popp for 3 years has ended my concern. And who else would you rather have than Popp leading the team through this rebuild or reload?

The Alouette forum seems to be the only place where Popp is not highly regarded. Media throughout the league think otherwise.

I am happy today to be an Alouette fan, going through my closet to see if I have any white to wear tonight.

Quite so, Sheldon. In a rebuilding year, there will be bumps in the road. And, let's face facts, Popp, like almost all American players/coaches in this league would love to be in the NFL. While I love the CFL and think it offers great entertainment value, there is no comparison to the NFL. I can't blame native-born Americans for trying their luck south of the border and I feel confident that others will do the same, given the chance.

Where Popp is concerned, it may well be that that chapter of his football career is over. He tried for two years to land himself something, but was shooting blanks. So, now I hope that he will turn his attention to all things Alouettes and find us great players as he did over the course of the past 18 years.

While AC has stated his commitment to coaching with the Als next season, a few statements by Trestman have me a little concerned. Trestman was effusive with his praise of AC, noting his most-appreciated assistance with Jay Cutler and hoping AC could make a return appearance this season. While I don't want to speculate or start rumours, I wonder if something isn't up between those two. Once again, compare a NFL coaching salary to a CFL salary! For the reasons mentioned above, I couldn't fault AC if he at least didn't consider an offer from the Bears' organization, if one is ever offered.

I think Johnny is right on the mark. I’m happy to have Popp back, but it was more a case of not wanting Higgins in the same role than because Popp has been doing such a bang-up job lately (he hasn’t). Having said that, let’s hope that wiping away the uncertainty with a contract extension allows Popp to focus on his job and get back to being the elite GM he once was.

I’m not. The money in coaching is made at the HC position. His path to HC position in Montreal is a given, 3 years max… just a matter of time while in the NFL it would be much more difficult. He has a job for life with the Als if he so choses a bit like Pinball in Toronto. I would be very, very surprised if AC wanted to leave Montreal at this point to go on an “Adventure”. Not to mention that Trestman has to make the post season this year, realistically to do that he’s got to beat the Packers, no easy task. I think there is a 50-50 chance that Marc is there for a third season in Chicago if they don’t win their division or at the very least be a clear cut wild card.