Popp staying on as coach

I think his skills are best served in the front office. Imo, he is one of the best GMs in the league. I can't help but think that the level of talent he brings into camp will suffer at least a little given that he now must handle the coaching duties but who knows? Maybe we could have another Wally Buano here. What do you think?

First reaction is that I am a bit uncomfortable with this; Popp has been a great GM, but is not doing two jobs asking for trouble?

I'll reserve judgment until we see who he hires as offensive coordinator; we need an upgrade there.

I don't like this move, but like MadJack, I'll reserve my final judgment until we find out the identity of the new OC. Please, let it be Buratto or Chapdelaine and not Bellefeuille.

Well Chapdelaine is out; he's already an OC so this would be just a lateral move so I don't think he could get out of his BC contract....he could if it was to be head coach.

Burrato, while I'd like him, has gone on record as saying he's a westerner, so look for him to sign on in Edmonton.

Bellefeuille? NO THANKS

It's got to be Bellefeuille. He's the only logical choice at this point. If he brings a commitment to the run, and leaves behind the short passing curse that doomed his offence before, the Als will be fine. AC should be able to balance the calls, and the offence will still be a threat.

The last few games under Popp, there seemed to be more of an attempt to take chances on the deep ball. If they could add a legitimate deep ball receiver, they'd be back on track. I really think Demetris Bendross would've provided that, but his success in the AFL kept him out of the Als' plans. I'm thinking Popp will find someone else to fill the role.

The team has a good nucleus, and they'll be in the mix next November. I can't wait to see how it plays out.

Bendrops? No thanks. We had three problems with the deep ball this year: we had no legitimate deep threat, Calvillo was generally terrible at going deep, and neither Strasser nor Calvillo went to the play very often.

I don't like Bellefeuille. I have serious doubts about our offense improving if he becomes O.C. Why do we need further commitment to the run? Edwards went over 1000 yards this year, and almost always got the rock at the goal line. We need a consistent passing game, and Bellefeuille isn't the guy to do that. He was a flop in Saskatchewan and he's managed to turn our once-proud receiving corps into a joke in just one season.

Any truth to the rumor that Popp will take over as CFL comissioner to round out his duties as vice president/personnel director/general manager/head coach


Is there a point to this question?

...apparently none that you would twig on there skippy...

Though I do suppose that after losing the league's winnest coach there's not much joy around town, seems having a guy who probably couldn't get a D-3 College head coaching job grabbing the reins has the locals less than enthused.

Not to mention totally getting whacked by what , One, Two or was it Three times by Grey Cup Champs.

Clue for ya...next time a big game is on the line, toss the review flag eh?

oh, and best of luck this season

Clue for you!

Popp was the Saskatchewan Roughriders' Director of Player Personnel and Wide Receivers Coach in 1992-93. The Roughriders had two successful seasons, while Popp was in Saskatchewan, appearing in the playoffs both years.

Before coming to the CFL, Popp helped in 1992 to form the Professional Spring Football League where he held the title of league Director of Player Personnel. He served as the wide receivers and special teams coach for the Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks of the World Football League (now known as NFL Europe) in 1991.

Popp coached at the collegiate level for five seasons: The Citadel (1988-90), North Carolina (1987), Michigan State (1986). He played college football for three seasons at Michigan State (1983-85) as a wide receiver and defensive back.

That's the great aspect of the game, it will ultimately be the judge of of Popp's success or failure, and the won/loss record will validate or expose him.

Thus it will be interesting to see what transpires and how this move eventually effects the team, the coaching staff and the fortunes of the club.

In my opinion five years of actual coaching experience doesn't make for the dream primer of a head coach, you have shown me no co-ordinating experience along the way and the residual proximity of personell may or may not inspire the players and others.

Certainly will be something to watch especially with the staff and hot they mesh with a rookie head coach and what results the players will put out for him.

The results of this poll liasted here seem to suggest that like myself there are a number of people who do not believe this was a good move and it will be fun to watch this thread from closer angles as the season unfolds and the results themselves determine the true picture.

No matter what the event there will always be be in favor and people against! As for coaching experience creating a "dream head coach" if everyone thought your way there would never be any new coaches because the teams would feel they cant win unless the coach has decades of experience.

As for how well a team can mesh with a rookie head coach, ask Danny Maccocia, he won the cup in his rookie year.

Popp's got great energy and attitude around the team. I saw it with my own eyes Grey Cup week. His practices had great tempo and a very good vibe.

As long as he has assistants to manage game planning and position training, he'll be just fine. And there will be no fooling him around contract negotiation time. He'll know who's playing and who's dogging it, and that will help to keep the roster strong and competitive.

My only worry is that the team will miss the Don's swagger and gutsy calls from time to time. That may not be a bad thing, though.

I think his performance even as a GM should be re-evaluated. It seems every time we lose a veteran we replace him with an inferior player. Every year for the past few years we start the year with 2 or 3 new defensive backs. There is something wrong with that.
We have not had a capable #2 QB since Tracy Ham left.
Last year we dressed 8 defensive linemen every game and still did not get any great pressure. And our receiving core is going downhill every year. Mr. Popp has been living off his reputation for too long. And that is as a GM. Adding coaching for which he is not qualified is another blunder made by a franchise that appears to be losing its way.

Your comments are basically bang on, sicard...except for the all too common mistake of referring to a receiving core whereas I think you mean to say receiving corps (I must sound like a broken record on this). I too think our receiving corps has been getting steadily weaker over the past few years. However last year's secondary I thought was pretty good at the end of the year(and remember, this secondary did not give up a touchdown to the great BC passing attack in the Grey Cup).

Backup QB was a problem for a long time, but now I think with Brady and Palmer we're better off there than we have been. I can live with the turnover in the secondary, but we do need help at receiver...go get Thelwell guys, he's great and to top it off he's a non-import so that'll help with the ratio.

I dissagree. I think that Jim Popp is one of the best when it comes to finding talent to play in this league. Instead of overpaying veterans to play past their prime, he brings in new blood and saves a few $ so he can keep guys like Cahoon who, despite his getting on in years, still continues to excel. This is why I hate seeing him come on as coach as his abilities as GM may not be as sharp.
With regards to the QBs, I would agree with you that up until last year, that was the case. However, he did go out and get Brady who I believe is very underated (I never liked Greene). Anyway, I think the torch will be slowly passed to Jesse Palmer over the next 1 - 2 years.
I would definately agree that we need a deep threat receiver to bolter that receiving core.

Montreal's receiving corps has definitly been getting weaker over the last few years, but it's still pretty good.

As far as Popp is concerned, he shouldn't be doing two duties, imo. Not in professional sports. It's really too bad that Matthews is gone, he was a good coach.

Other than the QB issue, I think you are bang off. We have finished 1et in the division 5 times in 7 years and we have been to the Cup 5 times in 7 years and you think Popp can find decient replacement?????

Ya, right. He know nothing about GMing! :roll:

I agree- go get Thelwell.

So let's review:

Popp as the GM, Bad decision hiring himself as head coach.

Popp as Head Coach: 0-1, and now 0-2, blame the co-ordinators.

Plenty of time to turn things around though eh RO, or to merely throw out some more unbelieveably lame what did we do in the past statements.

Where's my cute little yellow plane picture,

Chin up lad, maybe you guys will get Hamilton soon.
Other than the QB issue, I think you are bang off. We have finished 1et in the division 5 times in 7 years and we have been to the Cup 5 times in 7 years and you think Popp can find decient replacement?????

Ya, right. He know nothing about GMing!