Popp says he's staying as HC

'I made a two-year commitment'

Saw this on the homepage and didn't really see anyone discussing it. What do you guys think? After their worst season in over a decade, should he stay on as HC?

This is a guess. He thinks he may be fired. He wants to get all his money. Got a new long contract for both jobs. Didn't he? Says he is staying. Gets fired. Have to pay him.

Guess if this happens he can claim he's done a helluva snow job...

But if AC decides to take the year off with his wife, then it would be a rebuild for the club. With Walter's son Jarrett, coming into his own, and Brady not doing to shabby, maybe give him a year.

I mean the Eskis seem to be forgiving of their HC... :stuck_out_tongue:

AC will be back next season.
That being said, get rid of Popp

Popp is making a huge mistake by staying on as coach. If I was Wettenhall, I would be contacting Higgins if he does get let go by the Stamps. People say that Higgins is not a good coach , but I disagree, I think he would be an excellent choice to be the HC in Montreal.

Higgens and Marcel B. that would be the worst team in the league. With no excitement. Second thought yeah go for it. It would give Hamilton a chance to move up.

...Popp will make a trade for the 14 qbs. the Als. acquired ...and start his rebuilding in the off-season///therefore securing his tenure as head-coach,gm, head of player personell...defacto president and waterboy for the team....goodluck Als...then again maybe Wettenhal will wake-up...???? :roll:

Popp should have never been a head coach in the first place. He has zero credentials and an ego over the top. His coaching decisions costed Montreal a few wins - possibly the decision to gamble on 3rd down with less than 2 minutes left cost them the chance to play in the Eastern final. If the organization allows him to continue on as head coach they deserve what follows which will be Montreal missing the playoffs next year.

What cost the Als this year is their O-line. No protection for the QB, unable to open holes for the RBs, an inability to make the short yardage plays.

The Als O is worse than the Leos O of two years ago.

And whos decision do you think it was to make the offensive line based entirely on where someone was born as opposed to how well they can actually play? At least Mudge had the decency to admit he was playing terribly.

If Popp was given the option to stay or go hed obviously choose to stay but apparently Wettenhall and Smith are asking the veteran players what they though of him and most of the leaders on the als at some point this season have gone to the media and complained about Popp's horrible coaching in some area or another.

What the als need in a coach is someone with enough knowledge and experience to know to completley ignore bellefieulle says as opposed to following him blindly then critisizing him afterwards

Will Popp keep Marcel Beulefuille? If so, I don't see the Als improving much.

As Mikey said...Hamilton, this is your chance to move out of the basement!

The guy can't coach and refuses to man up and admit it. He's a heck of a GM but i've got a feeling he's going to be unemployed soon because of his huge ego. I think his GM abilities have taken a back seat this year as well, he hasn't really found a lot the type of quality players he has in the past.

I am not a Marcel B supporter but at least the guy doesn't have an ego the size of Texas.

I think Popp has an ego issue...lol

Great GM, but a poor coach.
He needs to relinquish the latter or be fired.

Players could have input on Popp’s future

Now this is interesting.

Only his hairdresser knows for sure. :lol:

If he's such a great GM , why did he hire and keep on such a bum coach?