POPP-- Let's TRADE FOR A YOUNG QB--- I think I know a Trade

What do you guys think about this---

Its crystal clear at this point that RICKY RAY is the best QB in the CFL- toronto will protect him next season I assume, so that means OTTAWA could select COLLAROS which I think they might as he is one of the top young pivots to be available with Drew Willly of SASK and BO mitchell-- I think MITCHELL will be protected or go to the NFL--

TO me COLLAROS is being mentored by RAY and also by MILANOVICH who was the brains of our ALS when we won the CUP-

I am thinking that we could probably make a TRADE with TORONTO this season for COLLAROS at the end of the season?

JIM BARKER is smart, he knows he will lose COLLAROS for nothing, so he might just trade him away for some good players on the ALS--

We could move JOHN BOWMAN to the ARGOS for COLLAROS? That would be my offer-- I know BOWMAN is our best D line, but I watched every college game COLLAROS played at CINCY- HE is a baller-

Collaros can run and throw and is smart- He didnt beat BC for no reason- He is the REAL DEAL--

Im thinking the ARGOS would jump at BOWMAN as he would team with KHALIF to give CHRIS JONES that edge rusher that they need to REPEAT as champs?
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We could possibly make the same offer for DREW TATE, but Tate is not thick enough, he has very small hands and is not broad shouldered- He has trouble palming the football and is injury prone because he does not have the BULK- He needs to put on 20 pounds of fat by eating some more fatty foods and get a Football body and not a beach body--

Football QBS, need bigmacs and cheeseburgers to build some fatty tissue around the muscles to absord hits- Why do you think guys like KERRY JOSEPH, BISHOP, DURANT, ever played in the CFL? It was because they were so good at taking HITS, it didnt phase them because of their THICK bodies which were THICK-- LULAY is another THICK BODIED player- HIs legs are huge, he can slam dunk with 2 hands a basketball standing under the RIM- He has major power in his legs-

You just cant be a skinny BUCK PIERCE or a TATE and be consistent-

KEVIN GLENN could be available but I wouldnt trade BOWMAN for him, maybe AMEET PAL and Deslauriers or PAL and Brandon LONDON for him. We can throw in TISDALE as well--

I'd trade senior and herb for future considerations. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a good chance that deals of all types will be made after the grey Cup and before the expansion draft. But with the QBs one must remember that if a team loses a QB they get to protect 2 (I believe) additional non-imports in that portion of the draft. That makes deals even more challenging.

Hopefully by the end of the season we will have seen enough of Neiswander and Marsh to make some educated decisions. One game (for JM) is not enough for me to make up my mind. Not predicting his success, just not willing to assume his lack thereof.

I'd take Wally's track record on QB's ANY day over this "insight"