Popp is gone

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/popp-not-back-as-alouettes-gm-1.602060]http://www.tsn.ca/popp-not-back-as-alou ... m-1.602060[/url]

Not an unexpected move. Maybe a year too late?

Nonetheless, we can never forget that Jim was a huge part of the success of the current edition of the Als, since they returned to Montreal. He had a nose for talent and always provided AC with excellent weapons and winning ways.

Like I and many other posters have stated, the post-AC era was bound to be difficult and the Als didn't necessarily manage that transition that well. Popp was never cut out to be a HC and speculation will abound as to who decided that he should step in as an interim, or for this season at least, the starting HC.

Now, the off-season has many question marks. We need a good GM, a good HC, a good QB, and good players at a number of other positions. Who will go out and get them?

At this point, it appears as if we are in a complete rebuild scenario. Glad to see that Wettenhall the Younger is taking a greater interest. Hope all this means that we have a competitive team for the 2017 season.

Let the rebuild begin! :rockin:

At this point, it appears as if we are in a complete rebuild scenario. Glad to see that Wettenhall the Younger is taking a greater interest. Hope all this means that we have a competitive team for the 2020 season

Just because the team finished its last six games at 4-2 doesn't translate into a 12-6 record in 2017 ... simply by hiring a new GM.

We can hope for some incremental improvement next season assuming the coaching situation is stabilized. But a thorough rebuild - guided by the right GM &HC will take several seasons to show results. Too bad the Wetenhalls weren't thinking this way 3-4 years ago.

And frankly, if the family finds a great GM but continues to interefere with coaching selections, the misery will continue ....

Weightman has already stated the new GM will hire his HC.
I think Andrew Wetenhall is going to bring a lot of business sense to this team. Bob's emotional connections with Jim are over.

Not a fan of the guy but wow he had a great run with the organization. Looks like both TO and Montreal will be fighting it out for third place for the next few years. I hope Toronto news is next.

Best news I’ve heard in a while. Run football ops the way every team does. Hire a good GM and then get out of his way.

Hack Herb can't be gracious even after Popp has been fired: http://montrealgazette.com/sports/footb ... n-jim-popp

What a sour cocktail of bile, speculation, cheap shots, and outright fabrications. For examples of the latter, look no further than this gem:

Had Popp simply concentrated on those two areas, he might have remained the GM for life. Unfortunately, his ego kept getting in the way. When Popp made the regrettable decision to hire Dan Hawkins as head coach in 2013, replacing Marc Trestman, the experiment lasted five games before Popp took over.

Ego, huh? What justifies that particular ad hominem attack? Popp did not hire Dan Hawkins. Say what you will about Popp, but he NEVER had final say on the head coach. That decision always rested with the owner. So what's the basis for saying his ego "got in the way"? NOTHING. Hack journalism at its finest.

And when Robert Wetenhall decided to fire Tom Higgins — Popp wasn’t consulted, his lustre already beginning to fade — eight games into last season, Popp shouldn’t have replaced him, even if Wetenhall insisted. Popp was never a good coach, but his talents and success as a GM began to erode when he could no longer concentrate on what he did best.

Ah, so Popp should have done ... what? Fired himself? And Wetenhall bears absolutely no responsibility for parachuting Popp in again and again and again, over a 15-year span? Very convenient. Glad we've got the ultimate scapegoat for all the team problems getting ejected so that everyone else can keep their hands clean.

Isn’t it amazing how many former Als — Jerome Messam, Brandon Whitaker, Sean Whyte, Mitchell White, Dominique Ellis; the list goes on — have said how delightful they are to have escaped the mess? And how many of them would nonetheless look good in a Montreal uniform right about now.

Sure, because we were the only team that passed on Messam. As for the rest, Sean Whyte is not a punter, Brandon Whitaker wound up on a non-playoff team in arguably worse shape than Montreal, and White and Ellis have been magnificently replaced by the young guns in our secondary, brought in by .... Jim Popp. I wouldn't take a single one of those guys back. Of course, if we had brought back Whitaker, Herb would have been the first to rip on Popp for not developing younger talent and recycling veterans past their prime. Heads he wins, tails Popp loses.

I'm happy that Jim is gone, for the team's sake and for his sake too, but the hatchet job Herb just performed is embarrassing to journalism as a profession. Cash your Postmedia buyout and get your a$$ to retirement, Herb.

In striking contrast, here's Vercheval showing the hacks of the sports journalism world how to assess a fired GM's career: http://www.rds.ca/football/alouettes/un ... -1.3654421

I don't necessarily agree with everything Vercheval says in this piece, but he acknowledges and pays more than lip service to Popp's substantial legacy with the Als.

We ended up with Hawkins because Trestman left in the dead of winter and the owner took his sweet time mulling things over. had nothing to do with Jim's ego

[i]Herb has always had a hate boner for Popp. :roll:

There is a good amount of stuff you can blame on Popp. But, others in the organisation have made bad mistakes as well (Popp is not the one who hired Higgins as HC over the phone, without an interview).

Popp also has an awesome legacy as GM. He had a great run of over 15 years! Sure, the last 4 years have been bad, but let's keep things in perspective. [/i]

Popp lost his mojo, and it was time to make a change.

But I agree about the man's legacy. It's remarkable, and shouldn't be forgotten just because the ending was messy. Consider the following:

b Calvillo-Trestman era[/b] Nothing to add, the results speak for themselves.

b Baltimore Expansion[/b] Popp and HC Don Matthews constructed a new team that was the best performer of the 6 US franchises, and won the Grey Cup in its second year of operations.

To those who argue that the Baltimore Colts-Stallions had an unfair advantage by being exempted from the import ratio rule, consider the next accomplishment:

b Relocation to Montreal[/b] Popp released half his Baltimore roster and replaced them with Canadian players to comply with the import ratio rule. Disruptive? ... you bet. And then his remodeled team had a 12-6 season in 1996, followed by 13-5 in 1997.

Exactly, and I've never forgiven Trestman for that. He screwed us that year and we are still dealing with the fallout.

Wetenhall has to take responsibility for Hawkins. He had final say on the hire and it was his dithering that narrowed the already-narrow field of candidates. Hopefully he's learned from those mistakes.

Bruno Heppell with a really nice tribute to Popp here: http://www.rds.ca/football/alouettes/hu ... -1.3655327

He doesn't deny that the last few years were rough but paints a very moving picture of what Popp was back in the day: young, dynamic, driven, and (he points this out explicitly) living IN Montreal with his whole family. Everyone's wives and kids used to hang out, completely different vibe, it was a family within the team. He says he hopes Popp is eventually inducted into the CFL Hall of Fame and I agree with him. His body of work over 20 years is Hall of Fame caliber.

Sounds exactly what the Als should be looking for this time around.

[i]Yes, and sometime in the future, Popp needs to be honored at halftime by the team during an Als game.

He deserves a proper thank you from the fans, and a proper celebration of his accomplishments. [/i]

Johnny: Your post that there should be, perhaps at the mid way break, some recognized actions thanking Popp for the very positive way he has handled the position of GM of the Als over the years. This would be very appropriate as a follow up to his recent retirement from the Alouettes.
Johnny, I have been especially follow the many posts you place on the Alouette Forum. I believe you have an excellent knowledge of the CFL and, especially that of the Als. I have thought of an earlier post I made, on this Forum which was critical of your language and, I regret having made these comments. As DP has noted, you do represent, in a positive manner, the fan base of the team and, your ease with colorful comments do, at times, bring a needed jollity to this Forum. In addition, the back and forth duel you have with TiCat fans is fun to read. Keep em coming Johnny.

[i]Well thank you very much much Niagara! It is very heart warming to receive such nice compliments.

Johnny calls them as he sees them. Sometimes in a crude and colorful manner, but sometimes a little color is required! :smiley:

Life is too short to be politically correct. If a person is honest, sincere, and means well, a little crudeness is tolerable in Johnny's opinion. And fun to! :rockin: [/i]

Heppell is calling for exactly what I've been saying.

The GM position is one that requires insane work ethics, a little bit of crazzee, a little bit of gambling and a lot of sacrifice. At least if you want to get an edge on your competition.

The point about making you team's city your home is also well explained by Bruno. Sixty guys that show up for two hours of practice two or three times a week is not going to create much bonds, especially in a league where 25 percent of the roster changes every year and transients come in and out every week.

I wish Jim well but if he wants to pursue his career asa GM he should do it from home base. If it didn't matter teams would not carry their city's name with them. People don't buy tickets to the Mooresville Alouettes.