Popp is gone as HC

Am I missing something? Did the Ti-Cats give Taaffe the boot and I just didn’t hear about it?

No they havent but that doesnt stop the buzz!

I don't see why Taaffe is the automatic choice, given the horrendous year the TiCats had. I don't mind if he's in the mix, but handing the HC job to someone whose team went 3-15 this year doesn't sit well with me. Taaffe should have to beat out the other candidates if he wants the job.

Taffe coached in Montreal before, and I beleive he had success there. I wouldn't base Taffe's performance in Hamilton. He didn't have the players there.

I heard Larry Smith on radio late last night. He stated that they had a list of 12 candidates. And they wanted to hire a new coach as soon as possible. It appears they have numerous people in mind.

No he didn’t that is true; but the ones he DID have he mis-used.

Exhibit #1: moving Tay Cody from HB to safety;

Exhibit #2: Ranking Maas #1 Chang #2 and Williams #3, whereas after they all got playing time this year it was made quite clear that Williams was the best of the lot.

Those two mistakes make me question his ability as a judge of talent. I’m not totally against him, mind you, just cautious because of that.

This is very encouraging; at least it looks like they are doing their due diligence this time around, which is a refreshing change. Wonder how much input Popp will have.

…Montreal would be foolish if they didn’t immediately sign John Jenkins to a long term coaching contract…and Popp should bring in Forrest Gregg as a GM consultant…Ottawa was only one season away from a Grey Cup win, only they did it in Saskatchewan uniforms…

I like Tom Higgins. Despite his tenure at Calgary he proved he was a winning coach at Edmonton. He had a good eye for players. He stole Joe McGrath, then a rookie with Calgary, with McGrath becomming a first string offensive tackle. He brought Rickey Ray into camp and helped him to develop as THE QB in the CFL. He stole Jeramie Copeland from Montreal and, signed Matt Bertrand from the Als try out camp and Matt developed into a very good blocking fullback and special teams player. Higgins has won some Grey Cups and, look at what happened at Edmonton this year.

My suspicion however is that Barker had more to do with the Copeland signing than Higgins.

Smith also said they want a coach with experience in the 3 main positions

Well he can't have it all in one person now can he? Two of the three; either someone with HC and OC experience, or HC and DC experience. I don't believe there to be anyone who has been BOTH an offensive and a defensive coordinator, although I stand to be corrected.

I didnt think so either.

Next thing you'll tell us that they should bring in Loonie Glieberman as a Cheer Leader scout. :wink:

Geez Red, Did Turkeybend get your pass word for the forum? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That was actually Popp's plan for next year before he was pushed out. Year 3 of that plan is to rename the team the Montreal Jim Popps

According to the front page, Taaffe is a no go for Montreal.

I saw that.....
I sure hope that Ham doesnt wait till Mtl finds a new coach and then deside to let Taaffe go. Not for Montreal's sake but for Taaffe's

Did you get that off a macoccia list?

:thup: :rockin: :D

Heh There's talk of Jacques Chapdelaine going to Montreal...