Popp is gone as HC

CJAD radio just anounced Popp is no longer HC but will remain as GM.
The official announcement is supposed to be within the hour

It’s a result I like, initially.

Think he’s been a great GM. Think he’s been poor as a HC.

Problem is who will want to work under him as head coach, knowing he thinks he’s head coach material?

...Tom Higgins could be a possibility MadJack....Creehan...Greg Marshal will probably apply....although i.m sure there'll be be a long list... :roll:

Oh there's lots of qualified candidates out there, I don't doubt that papa; it's just that if you were looking for a HC position, would you want your boss to be a guy who thinks he's a HC and will be eager to pull the trigger on you and fire you so he can go and play at being HC himself again? I know I'd sure think twice.

Definitely good news for Montreal! :smiley:

....personally...i wouldn't want to work under Popp in those circumstances....BUT....someone is going to have to take the bull by the horns....orrrrr Jimbo may decide to look for greener pastures...orrrr the guy they hire may be a lightening rod for all of Popps 'coaching' ideas ....and i don't think that guy would be much of a coach....yup tough circumstances...i do believe Popp is a good gm. though...NOT COACH.. :wink:

Unlike usual, Popp was not a good GM this year either. The question has to be asked: will he be a good GM in the future if his heart is really into coaching, no matter how bad a coach he is?

Wasn't it Popp's big screwup that let the Bombers snag Terrence Edwards?

that is true, thus proving Tridus' point.

Smart move. I doubt that it was Popp's idea mind you. I think it is unfortunate for the rest of the Eastern Conference that he is stepping down as coach.

The way I heard it, Jim Popp made the mistake of cussing out kicker Duval at practice who then went home and told his wife. She called daddy who just happens to be President Larry Smith.
Can't mess with family ties Jim boy. Of course it didn't help his case that he can't coach either.

This is the right result. Popp is a lousy coach but a great GM when he has time to attend to the job personally. In the past two years, he hasn’t been a very good GM. Get back on track, Jim!

As for replacements, there are lots of qualified candidates. I just hope they do the right thing and give Chris Jones a serious look.

If Popp is unable to find a head coach willing to work under him, the club may have to bring in a GM who can find a coach, or someone who can do both jobs.

I don't see why a head coach wouldn't want to work under him. If anything, the fiasco of this year should permanently ensure that Popp will never again try to wear both GM and coach hats. I think Smith and Wetenhall are going to be watching Popp very closely. If they suspect that he's trying to turf the new HC just so he can step in, they'll just fire Popp.

From the main page.
I think it is an excellent decision and I don’t think a head coach would have problems working under him

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

MONTREAL (CFL.ca wire) – Montreal Alouettes president and CEO Larry Smith announced on Tuesday that Jim Popp will focus his efforts on his role as general manager and will relinquish his head coaching duties.

“We have decided to come back to the traditional structure under which we have had so much success in the past, which is to have one person act as president, one as general manager and one as head coach,â€

At least they didn't give Popp the President and CEO position last year because Smith is obviously a very smart person.

This is the best thing the Al's could have done IMO, bring Popp back down to earth and get him back concentrating on something he is good at and let someone more qualified do the coaching.

You'll see better coaching and better players because of this, unless they hire Macoccia :wink:

I think Higgins would be the leading candidate. The first move Higgins could do is fire Bellefuille!

Not surprising, but I guarantee the announcement of the new HC will be. :wink:

Watch for Charlie Taafe to be named Montreals head coach. I'ld like to claim it was my scoop but I heard Jim Barker mention it today.

Its been a bit of a buzz here in MTL yesterday as well.
It would not surprise me