-Alouettes GM and head coach Jim Popp revealed two NFL teams have called him about job possibilities in 2014.

Popp would not name the clubs and issued only a "no comment" about whether or not there's been progress in him returning to Montreal in the dual role he has worked for since returning to the CFL in 1996.

“It hasn't been as busy as the last two off seasons,? Popp admitted.

At this time last year, the Als lost their head coach Marc Trestman to the Chicago Bears while Popp interviewed for a job with the Panthers, having also been considered for employment with the Eagles and Colts.[/b]


Please someone HIRE HIM !

If you listen to the podcast - it`s the last 15 minutes - it does not come across like the story at all. Headline is pure sensationalism and not true if you listen.

He says he is still doing what he has always done on behalf of the Als and at the end he reiterates his loyalty to the team.

Yeah he wants to go the NFL if it is the perfect situation, but so will Kent Austin if he pays his CFL dues like Popp has.

The problem is Popp should just offer a "no comment" when the subject comes up.


....Here he goes again...leaving you guys in the lurch...I agree with hfxtc...time to cut bait and let Popp pursue his southern comfort dream...You deserve better than this baloney.. :thdn:

Exactly, he did on purpose. Having said that he needs to know what his role will be. He deserves to know where he stands regardless of who messed this whole thing up.

He's like a guy who is staying married because he does not want to lose his house but plays with his one eyed monster in the washroom with the Danica Patrick issue of Maxim. :cowboy:

supposedly he did.

Popp would not name the clubs and [u]issued only a "no comment"[/u] about whether or not there's been progress in him returning to Montreal in the dual role he has worked for since returning to the CFL in 1996.

Exactly. January 31st 2014, move on. Please let the team move forward with securing a HC and OC.

At this rate, Smith and Marsh will have to be working on their own playbook for TC !

This whole situation is a frackin disgrace.

I wont go back and listen again but I dont recall Popp saying "no comment" in the interview. When asked about the situation he said his return as head coach is in the hands of Mr. Wetenhall.

And Popp actually knows Danica Patrick, once posted a picture of the 2 together. :smiley:

I know , he even named a daughter after her. I may be snarky but It comes with a very dark sense of humor :lol:

Fwee Willy Jim ! Fwee Willy :lol:

While many fans are disappointed with Americans (and even some Canadians, for that matter!) trying to make the leap to the NFL, I reiterate statements I have made before on this matter.

As long as football is what it is in the U.S.A. and what it is in this country, we will continue to see this trend. The Montreal Alouettes gained notoriety in the U.S. principally because of Calvillo, but other aspects have also been mentioned about the team by Chris Berman and other commentators. Jim Popp has also been actively seeking a job in the NFL over the last few years. Lest we forget, most, if not virtually all of the American players in the CFL were either looked over by, didn't make the cut, or were released by NFL teams.

That, gentlemen, is not likely to stop within the lifetime of any poster on this or any other CFL forum. The CFL simply cannot compete with NFL salaries, the notoriety, endorsements...

Understandably, there is some feeling of betrayal, but such is the state of football here. Hopefully, interest in CFL football will grow, salaries will at least be commensurate with the NHL and maybe, just maybe, the CFL will be a coveted league by American players and not just another place to play football, faute de mieux.

I definitely don't mind if Jim Popp has his sights on a future GM position in the NFL. Every individual would listen if a position paying at least 10 times more that what you earn now was offered. While Jim has ambitious goals/wishes, these may never happened/be realized. I definitely prefer Jim Popp's openness to the one of Marc Trestman; hence, Marc kept saying that he had the best job he ever had and the best Owner,yet when opportunity came in the US, he did leave fast.

In the meantime, Jim Popp is a member of the Alouettes and I expect him to be for many more years.


Probably the reason why there has been no coaching announcements.
They may very well have their guy in place like a Kent Austin who will be ready to come in if he gets the HC/GM job. That would mean.

Right now Thorpe is the huge positive that the Als have going for them.
I know their are some that are not so sure about CIS coaches but since Canada has joined the IFAF and have had an elite SR and JR team participating bringing the best Canadian players in canada together. There has been a very solid staff of coaches that have been involved A lot currently in the CIS but not all. Some with CFL coaching expereince but not all. Some with CFL playing expereince as well.
I would bet that Thorpe could put together a great staff with a well balnced experinces that have the same philophy as he does placing everyone on the same page.
For Thorpe last year that page was a good one

There is no issue with someone chasing a job. But a solid company should never, ever be at the mercy of one individual taking it down. While Jim has and is a great GM. He's it, the owner has elevated his status above the organization. What Jim wants, Jim gets. All the personnel has left. Including the secretary and one of the equipment managers.

This is not the 90's CFL. Look around the league and see the structure of our rivals and it is easy to see in how much trouble and vulnerable this team is right now.

This team needs a strong coach who will want to be here for at least four of five years and build people and work with the business side of the company.

This has become a one man show and if it is not rectified before the start of this season, see what happens.

Hit the nail on the head, there. Agreed 100%.

No well-run company should ever be entirely in the hands of one person when that person's commitment to the company is in doubt. This is NOT good business.

If Popp was truly that interested, he would have and should have signed on months ago.
February 2nd with TC just around the corner and the Als are the only organization without an official HC or OC.

One can only presume the other organizations are working on preparation for the upcoming season. Can the Als say the same or are they expecting Smith and March to be working on the playbook?!

Wetenhall should have a firm date put down. Either Popp agrees or time to move on.


Interesting that Popp says he talks regularly to Weightman and not Mr. Wetenhall. I guess hes no longer Mr. Wetenhalls "golden boy".