Popp Double Dipping

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Kind of sad in a way that the Als/Popp relationship has to end up in court.

Sounds a bit confusing. Perhaps best left to an impartial decision. Lawyers will be cashing cheques on this one until a settlement is reached.

Unfortunate, but I feel that the Als are not "liable" to Jim Popp after February 28,2017, when his hiring was confirmed.

If he did receive payments from the Als in March, April, May and early June 2017, it is normal that he should have to reimburse these amounts, provided the agreement stipulates that once he has a new position, the Als don't have to pay him/the contract is void.


The obvious question is why did the Als continue to pay him once he signed with the Argos?

There are severance agreements that have a "Bridging" option. In other words - "we'll pay your salary for X months or until you find a new job (whichever comes first").

And there are severance deals that do not have bridging.

We don't know Popp's exit package, so all we have left here is to speculate.

I’m siding with Jim Popp on this. The HC money is untouchable, they can only get the difference in his GM Salary from the time he was hired by the Argos. I’m shocked the team leaked this to the media… not smart.

Since we haven't seen the contract...

It's all in the contracts but he didn't replace his entire earnings. It is also very likely that Popp was being paid to a Limited company and paying himself from that.

It's a statement issued in Quebec Superior Court - public information - not a "leak".

I don't think it matters that Popp paid himself through his various companies.

I made the assumption that Popp's guaranteed Montreal contract going into 2017 was only for GM duties. That his HC contact was only for 2016.

As such I assumed that Montreal would be on the hook only for the GM contract for that amount, unless he was hired elsewhere. Given he was hired by Argos the amount owing by Als might be the balance of those two contracts, if any.