Popp do something

I am getting very angry with this inactivity......pls do something do not take the fans for granted this franchise is very fragile.....

I don't think it is as fragile as our owner's need for comfort.

I don't understand what is taking Wettenhaul so long. He want's Jim to keep coaching so he has zero negotating power. He either gives him what he wants or Jim will just work the last year of his contract as a GM... He'd be way better to hire a Head Coach and negotiate an extra year with Jim Popp every year. This way Jim can go look for his job every year and the owner is not on the hook like he was with Hawkins when he eventually has to fire Jim as his productivity keeps going down which makes this a certainty at some point.

Maybe BW wants JP to sign a contract extension before agreeing to let him stay on as coach.