Popp clarification

Presently, the Als do have a Head Coach. When compared to same period last year, the situation is much better. Roughly at this time last year, the only Als coach was Noel Thorpe.

I would not be overly surprised if a compromise is reached between Jim Popp and Mr.Wetenhall. Jim will commit for 3 years and Mr.Wetenhall will accept.


This time last year, they were in the interview process. At this point in 2014, no clear indication if Popp will be the HC. And if not, allot of work to be done.
They ended up hiring Hawkins in February last year. And we all know how that turned out.

Popp three times as HC and three times same result, Not much better position if you ask me.

They were not in the interview process at this time,last year; hence, Marc Trestman did leave on January 16 or 15,2013.


Dan Hawkins and his staff were hired february 19,2013. Basically 6 weeks later than now. Presently the Als have a Head Coach and 7 other coaches,including an Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator.


When the Alouettes were in the Hawkins debacle, followed quickly by the Calvillo debacle, the Impact was on the run to the top of the league standing and one of its players was on the run to be the top scorer in the MLS. Of course the Impact took away the sports attention of the city.

The Impact has won championships a few time in the last 14 years and were still quite far behind the Als in terms of media coverage. The media in Montreal is increasingly less interested in covering the Alouettes. There is an underlying issue here I can't explain.

My mistake. Next week will be a year that the Als had to begin the HC process.

7 coaches today- however no OC.

Come on now, you are not honestly considering MLS as equal with NASL / USL-1, are you? Because if you are, following that logic, Quebec City does not really need / want to have the Nordiques back since it already has the Remparts.

Semi-Pro soccer is semi-pro soccer. Same fans in the stands.

The average basic salary of Montreal Impact players is $137 526. If the designated players (who do not count toward the cap) are taken out, the average salary is $103 906. The salary cap of a CFL team is $4.4M with 53-man roster, making the average salary within the cap is $83 018.

With these numbers, if the MLS is considered a semi-pro league, how would one describe the kind of league the CFL is? Minor? Junior? Amateur?

Please note I am not here to troll but ask this question directly to Al's fans given the time elapsed for perhaps some wounds to heal.

What in the world was the thought process behind the hiring of Hawkins, who was depicted as quite the jolly maverick in the summer in a segment they ran at halftime in the US during a game that must have run pre-game there?

What are the lessons learned if any?

The look on Calvillo's face during that segment when they described one of their first practices with a 3-on-1 drill for the whole team with a football, which is a basketball drill, was priceless.

Later we saw the look of disgust on the sidelines on Calvillo's face during the games, and later after Hawkin's firing we learned that some of that frustration was with Hawkins.

Given that Calvillo is retiring this week, the memory of that short few weeks is kind of sad but hey there are so many great ones!

The Hawkins hiring was a huge honest mistake. Hawkins was an intelligent smooth talker who most likely won over Mr. Wetenhall and Popp in the interview process. They had stated they were looking for new blood and not a CFL retread and were of course hoping to find another Trestman.

The lesson Popp said was learnt was that they should never have hired someone with no professional experience. But to their credit they cut bait on an expensive fishing trip.

But you know even that whole premise is wrong. Jimmy Johnson became a HOF HC in the NFL after coaching Oklahoma and Miami.

While hind vision is always 20/20, I do not necessarily agree with no hiring HC with no pro-football experience opinion. In the specific case of Dan Hawkins, I think the biggest weakness that he had coming in was not his lack of experience in pro-football, but rather his lack of achievement. He led the Buffaloes to the worst loss in team history, the biggest meltdown in team history (allegedly because he wanted his QB son to break some kind of record), losing seasons for the whole time he was there, and he ended up with 19-39 record. On paper, I can not see how this kind of CV lead him to another HC position.

Now, I would argue that someone from college, even without any professional-level experience, may be a good choice if he has good records to begin with. I would argue that coaches like Mack Brown or Jim Tressel (however improbable it is to hire them) would be a step forward.


Coming to the CFL which is a different style game than the NCAA or NFL, Hawkins was completely unprepared to coach the Als.

Unlike his predecessor Trestman who spent time trying to learn the intricacies of the CFL game, Hawkins did not.

The end result... we all know.

I agree, he came to camp unprepared and quickly lost credibility with players and management.

If he had of come here slightly prepared and struggled it is one thing. But to come in completely unprepared and hope that by waving his hat during practice would resolve the problems, thanks for coming.

It was rumoured that Hawkin's connections with Troy Smith was a factor in the hiring. I don't know if this is true, but it would be on the plus side of the pro /con board when he was hired.

It is true. Hawkings got in touch with Troy Smith through his son who knew Troy from various combines and had his contact information and once the initial interest was shown it was turned over to Jim Popp. It also points to a disconnect with the organization as to the Quarterback situation in Montreal, where Hawkins may have seen that Calvillo was not going to be the solution.

Also brings up a point that while Jim Popp gets the credit for all the players that come into this team, it is not always the case. I'm sure this is not an isolated case. Chris Jones , Barker, Lande. All these guys have brought in quality players in their time with the team and I'm sure there are others. Jim Popp has benefited from having a big staff in Montreal for years.