Popp clarification

For those of us outside of Montreal. Can we specify what the issues are re: HC in Montreal?
As I understand:
Owner wants Popp to be HC ( and GM) for this year at least
Popp has said its up to his family to decide if he takes both jobs
Owner wants Popp to extend for 4 more years
Popp only wants two

Are these negotions only for GM role or both GM and HC?

Has Popp said he will not coach this year unless he gets his new contract for two years?

Presumably he is under contract this coming year to be the GM. This past year he took over HC as a favor to owner. Is it accurate to say that if owner wants him to continue on as HC as well then a new contact is in order. He wants two, they want four. Does that mean they want him to do both for 4 years and he wants to do both for 2 years?

Is this an accurate summary?

There has not been enough information leaked to answer all your questions.

Popp is willing to commit to the Als for 2014 and 2015 without looking for another job, the Als want him to commit to 2014-2017 without looking elsewhere. One of the Als concerns mentioned was Popp going to another CFL team after 2 years.

The unanswered part is if the 2 yr. or 4 yr. are for both coach and GM. Although I doubt either party expects Popp to coach for 4 years with Noel Thorpe the supposed heir apparent.

Compensation for Popp doing both jobs and keeping him away from his family has apparently been worked out. It`s just the 2 yrs. vs. 4 yrs.

But it`s ridiculous we have to keep talking about this, can someone please make a friggin decision!

Popp hasn't said anything other than "It is in the hands of the owner". Everything else is murky and is second hand from the press. Its a big mess created by the hiring/firing of Hawkins and made worse by using Jim to coach last year for "free".

During the press conference following the expansion draft Didier tried to broach the subject but he was shut down by Jim saying "this conference is not about that"...

Is that a fact as you know it? Is that referencing the reality of being both HC and GM for two years?

According to the media the contract would be for dual duty for two years and the GM position for the following two years. The idea behind that is that the owner does not want to find himself in a situation where has to fill both positions at the same time.

Some of us would prefer a new HC be hired and Popp offered a two year extension as a GM.

Il m'apparaît évident que le débat entre 2 ans ou 4 ans est strictement pour le poste de directeur-général et vice-président aux opérations football.

Sa situation comme entraîneur-chef est manifestement un intérim.

Je ne vois pas ce que Popp pourrait apprendre à Thorpe sur le métier d'entraîneur-chef.

Toute cette saga ne me dit rien de bon.

We are into the new year and we don't have a Head Coach or an OC or a QB coach and our top two QB are still prospects. Not hard to figure out where this team is heading.

It was reported a few weeks ago that for the first time since the Alouettes second birth they have been surpassed as the number 2 Sports franchise in Montreal ! Joey Fromage soccer team has been around 14 years and last year they moved ahead of the Alouettes in terms of Media coverage. This remote management thing they are doing isn't working, the team is going backwards. Poor Mark Weightman is trying to increase ticket sales while the team is going down in the standings, back in the media, must be fun.

.....As I see it Popp wants to keep all options open...therefore no commitment past 2 years....The owner would like to cage the grey fox for 4...Hmmmm ...who will win out...My money is on Popp but are the Als. really a winner with Popp as head coach and gm.????Gm for sure...head coach...not so much.. Just my take.. :roll:

It wasn't his idea. It was the owner who wanted this. As far as I am concerned he is the one who created this situation. Yes Jim has him over a barrel but Mr. Wetenhall put himself there.

Why is Popp held to a different standard here than other GMs. Hawkins got fired. Cortez got fired the year before. Reed gets fired in Edmonton, two in Winnipeg. Its not a given that the GM has to step in and/or stay as HC. Popp hired a late replacement for Trestman. Poor hirings, wrong hirings happen all the time. Why do you think he created the mess? Coaches get fired all the time. Outside of Huf in Calgary nobody in the CFL has had their three year anniversary. And why, if it isn't his wish to stay on as HC as you say, should he be forced to?

Based on little accurate information that we do have,it is impossible to express/clarify what is going on.

Beside knowing that Jim Popp has 1 more year remaining on his five year agreement signed in 2010,the rest are more speculations by the Media. Based on these speculations/what I did read in/interpret from The Gazette, Journal de Montréal and La Presse and heard on TSN,RDS, TVA Sports and Radio Canada Sports, I am of the understanding that Jim Popp is ready to be the Head Coach for 1 more year and commit to the Als for 2 years. Mr.Wetenhall would like Jim Popp to commit for 4 years.

I do know that I am probably the only one thinking/hoping so, but I want Jim Popp to be the Als Head Coach in 2014. The best solution for the coming year. If not Jim Popp,the only other alternative is Noel Thorpe. I prefer Jim as Head Coach and Noel as Assistant to head coach and Defensive Coordinator in 2014.

I could be 100% wrong, but I would not be surprised if Jim Popp already knows who his Offensive Coordinator will be in 2014. I am definitely not in panic mode; I expect an answer to all our questions sometime within the next 3 weeks.


Never said Popp was at fault. I am saying the owner made the mistake by asking Jim to become a HC for the third time. It left some scars the second time as well.

Ah sorry. Thought you were saying it was Popp rather than W. My mistake.

Mr. Wetenhall made a mistake when he picked or fired Hawkins, it is one or the other.
Mr. Wetenhall made a mistake asking Jim to pull double duties (for free)
Jim made a mistake when he agreed to it.

Here we are.

I guess the rub is if Popp is coach and GM in 2014 and only has one more year committed as GM for 2015 it lessens the pool of potential HC going forward. Viable HC candidates will be wary of coming in if they see/expect the GM who hired him could soon be gone. Hence the need to have him commit for a longer period of time as GM.

Anyway the owner can't force him to sign a contract so at some point Mr. Wetenhall will swallow his pride and make the deal he can instead of the deal he wants. Probably does not happen to him very often.

The Head Coaching situation will work itself out, most likely with Noel Thorpe in 2015.

My concern is the mort important GM position. Popp will only commit to 2014 & 2015, and there is no potential successor in Marcel Desjardins. We don`t know much about joey Abrams, but if Popp saw him as the heir apparent he would not have reached out to Proulx or Vercheval last year.

He can not force him to sign a contract. But he certainly can draw a line in the sand and say an answer is needed by a specific date otherwise have to look into other options.
As mentioned, two young QB's and no OC or QB coach to even begin working with them to prepare for the upcoming season!

And I am of the opposite thought. Popp is under contract until next season. Before you know it, TC will be here.
Second week of January and no HC, OC or QB coach. Heck the RedBlacks have had their staff in place for weeks and able to prepare for the upcoming season.
Worry about 2015 at the end of this upcoming season with regards to who will be the GM.

Can not speak for the others on this forum but I do not share the same thought. Popp has been the HC three times with the same result. I do not wish to see him as the HC and do hope he remains in the GM role for the last year of his contract.

Glad you are not in panic mode. Again, I do not share this sentiment. One would have thought after the past season the Als would have had this settled by now and preparing their young QB's with a revised playbook for the 2014 season.
RedBlacks definitely are ahead of the Als in this respect.