Popp, CFL's Matt MIllen!!

He's a terrible coach ( I know, Matt Milen doesn't coach...officially anyway), no direction, no plan, the owner loves him no matter what, won't be long before the Als can't even sell out a 20,000 seat stadium!!! This is unacceptable, the announcers were even trying to make excuses for us....ala time change?? good teams would be prepared!!!
Hire Don back and give him complete rule of the team!!!

Thats for sure! I cant stand when they use time change for a excuse, they have all week to prepare for it, What I found funny was that Popp as miced up 2nite and he was telling his defence to go get the ball like telling your dog to go get the stick. way to tell em popp

I've lost alot of respect for him since he tried to be a coach...he basically said 'anybody can coach.....guess what Jim", maybe Don DID know what he was doing.....

it would be a way better team with don, cause he sure as heck wouldnt have hired marcel as oc

Montreal had a legitamite chance to get a good head coach during the offseason, but they let him go. Stasser should be the coach, no if and or buts about it. Strasser all the way. And at least he knew what to do on offense regardless of all the screen passes.

I must agree with all of the above...C'mon Popp///set your pride aside and do it for the team....step down and hire a real coach ...you're killing us ...

Almost ashamed to say I'm an Als fan now ...and that's not right !!!