Looks those who insisted Trestman would only return to the CFL in an Austin-like role, not as a head coach only, were wrong on that score. I'm a bit surprised he came back at all. I guess he really has the coaching bug.

I wish the new-old duo well, except when they play the Ticats.

8) How right you are stevehvh !! Looks like good old Arash Madani was right again with his early breaking news about
  this last week !!!   <!-- s:) -->:)<!-- s:) --> 

  Apparently the only way Trestman would accept the HC job, was if Popp was the GM !!
   Can you blame Trestman ??  I would bet his salary in Toronto is around $500,000 per season !!

For what it's worth, LeStaf, I agree with you.

Ray has been injured too much over the last few seasons, and with all the defections, and the resulting weakness of the argo Oline, it is only going to be more of the same this season.

On top of that problem, as you pointed out, Popp was a complete failure in finding a starting replacement for Calvillo, since the QB's forced retirement. I don't see a magical improvement just because Popp has changed addresses.

Trestman did well in Montreal, but he won't have the quality of Oline here as he enjoyed there.

Like when the argos moved to BMO field, there were big expectations about the anticipated increase in attendance, that, in the end, didn't materialize.

The acquisition of Popp and Trestman is making a lot of noise now, by mid season those smiles may well be turning upside down in Toronto.

Ah but don't you know - Popp already has his replacement QB . Some guy named Willy! :lol: :roll: :lol:

Personally, I think Ray is a better QB than was Calvillo. He has just as quick a release and is a more accurate passer. Plus I feel he quicker with his reads, is a "smarter" QB in the football sense, and is more mobile. Not a runner by any means, but able to move around the pocket. If Popp and Trestman can find him a dump-off, short gain, possession kind of Ben Cahoon receiver, I can see Trestman re-vitalizing Ray's career.

I see Popp and Trestman turning that club around, maybe not immediately, but over the season and definitely over a couple of years. It all comes down to the depth of the owner's pockets, doesn't it?

Even season ticket holders are not renewing. There was hope many would renew when the schedule was released.
I wonder if the Popp and Trestman signing will change the numbers.

Copeland admitted season ticket sales are right now hovering around 3,500 or just under half what the team had a year ago.
[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2017/02/28/argos-on-hiring-popp-trestman-we-got-this-right]http://www.torontosun.com/2017/02/28/ar ... this-right[/url]

I can just imagine the Argo OLine's mantra for protecting Drew - "Don't touch Willy!" Good advice. :lol:

Pat Lynch (the old Homer Simpson fan)