8) According to Arash Madani, he is reporting a few minutes ago that the deal is just about finalized to bring Jim Popp (GM) and Marc
   Trestman (HC)  to the Argos.

   Madani  is expecting a press conference on Tuesday to make the big announcement  official !!

No disrespect intended but I think I’d rather have a reliable CFL source, rather than Madani. He’s not exactly unbiased when it comes to the Canadian Football League. :roll: :roll: :roll:

I do hope the story is true, however.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I hate to say it, but unless you sign a high profile Ex-NFL head coach, it's not going to improve the gate. That said, I think Popp and Trestman could improve the Argos as a whole, but keep in mind Millanovich was an understudy under Trestman, so I doubt a substantial change in coaching attitude is going to change. IE: There isn't going to be exactly a fresh set of eyes effect on the Argos.

I begrudgingly hope it happens...it's good for them, good for the league, and most importantly good for the 'Cats (it fuels the rivalry) :thup:

8) I don't know why you feel that way about Madani, Pat, because he is usually dead on with his predictions about the
  CFL.  He has always had inside info regarding the goings on with each team.  Another great young CFL reporter is
  Matthew Scianitti !!  He gets all the latest news also, and does a great job as a side line reporter during CFL games.

   Scianitti is at all TiCat games, and attends all the team functions, and I know how good he is !!

   Maybe you are listening to all the naysayers on here Pat, with regards to Madani    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: --> 

   I'm predicting that come tomorrow at the Argo press conference, you will see that Madani was right last week  <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->  <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

Guess he turned out to be pretty reliable...as per usual. Gotta remember Pat, journalist don't want to just throw their name on any piece of information, Madani is one of the better out there, it's a shame he has acquired this cult following of haters, meanwhile he is one of the only people willing to talk CFL at Rogers.

Je ne crois pas que l'arrivée de Popp et Trestman va instantanément rendre les Argonauts une équipe gagnante.

À moins que Willy devienne tout d'un coup un maître des lectures de défensives, ce qu'il n'est toujours pas, et à moins que la ligne offensive des Argonauts revienne soudainement à la respectabilité, il y a peu de chances pour que le "miracle" de 2008 arrive de nouveau.

Ray est si amoché qu'on peut se demander s'il pourra seulement être un substitut à Willy. Il serait le quart-arrière parfait pour diriger l'attaque de Trestman, mais il n'aura pas la résistance nécessaire pour être un atout dominant. Deux plaqués solides l'expédieront de nouveau à l'infirmerie et il faudra s'en remettre à Willy. Dès que les Argonauts n'auront plus ce quart-arrière expérimenté pour diriger l'attaque de Trestman (lectures rapides, passe décochées rapidement), ce sera pour Popp une autre quête pour le remplacement d'une légende. Jusqu'à maintenant, il ne s'est pas montré très efficace dans cette situation.

A translation of LeStaf's insightful comments:

"I do not think that the arrival of Popp and Trestman will instantly make the Argonauts a winning team.

Unless Willy suddenly becomes a master of defensive readings, which he still is not, and unless the Argonauts' offensive line suddenly returns to respectability, there is little chance that The "miracle" of 2008 arrives again.

Ray is so beat-up that one wonders if he can only be a substitute for Willy. He would be the perfect quarterback to lead Trestman's attack, but he will not have the necessary strength to be a dominant asset. Two solid tackles will send him back to the infirmary and we will have to rely on Willy. As soon as the Argonauts no longer have this experienced quarterback to lead the Trestman attack (quick reads, fast-paced passes), it will be for Popp another quest for replacing a legend. So far, it has not been very effective in this situation."

Thanks for the translation, GuelphCatsFan. I have only one suggestion: perhaps "amoche" (sorry about the missing accent aigu) would be better translated as "beat-up", instead of "upset". Cheers.

Tanenbaum ( Kilmer group 25% MLSE) and Bell have deep pockets$$$ good to see the Argo ship doing well off the field! A healthy rivalry is great business for our CFL

I've listened and have seen Madani in action on Bob McCown's show. He puts down the CFL at every opportunity, while praising the NFL and especially the Vikings. I don't have to be told by others how I should feel about t.v. personalities. I think Madani is smug . John Shannon is probably the only broadcaster on Sportsnet who has positive things to say about the CFL.

You certainly can disagree with me but I'd rather get my football fix from the TiCat site, the CFL site, TSN, Three Down Nation, the Spec Sports, and lately Marshall Ferguson's site.

There are people on this site whose opinions I respect but nobody gives me my point of you. :roll:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Make that "my point of view" My bad!

Popp"s arrogance will once again lead to the firing of the head coach and replacement with himself. Popp can do it all as he has shown before............. or not! Failed miserably in Montreal.

The professor is an excellent hiring, Popp could be if he get’s his GM magic back.
The on the field product this year though could be a definite project as we are way behind the ball.
Regardless it should make for a great rivalry with you guys this year.

I don't think Popp and Trestman will immediately turn that team around either, for reasons that were mentioned here. Trestman may have had success in Montreal, but a coach having success in Montreal is certainly not a guarantee that that coach would succeed elsewhere. I don't think many people here need to be reminded of what happened in 2007, when a certain former coach of the Als was supposed to turn this team around.

And yes, Popp will once again need to find a replacement for a quarterback who will be in the hall of fame.

I don’t think Ray is as “fragile” as many suggest. Especially compared to someone like Durant, who literally popped his achilles tendon on a non-contact play, but is a lock to be Montreal’s starter this year. Apart from his chronic shoulder issue, which finally got repaired (and unlike Lulay, didn’t immediately get torn up again diving on a loose ball), Ray’s injuries have come on plays you can expect someone to get injured on. Based on the last two years, a person could make as strong an argument for the Cats to ditch Collaros as for the Argos to ditch Ray. Trestman plus Ray would be a scary combination.

That's the story in the East in 2017. Which of the four glass starting QB can outlast the others.

Sur ce plan, je crois que Popp a avalé sa pilule. Je crois que nous ne le reverrons plus jamais comme entraîneur-chef dans cette ligue.

Mike Hogan
? @tsnmikehogan
Trestman on QBs. "There's no competition. Ricky Ray will be our starter until he shows us he can't be.' #Argos #CFL

Simoni's response :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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typical CFL retreads.... :thdn: :lol: