Popp and Trestman and Media

I’ve read where Trestman and Popp were meeting in the states to discuss things.
Have they appeared in Montreal to address the media in anyway or made themselves available to Canadian media to talk about the recent resignations?

No need it's all been taken care of:

sigh…such a simple question.

Why meet the media to say that a coach has signed elsewhere? We know that Scott Milanovich has signed with Toronto,that Marcus Brady and Jonathan Himebauch have been given permission to talk to the Argos/the Argos given permission to talk to them. What more do you want to know? If these 3 are leaving,I won't worry; there are many/many good candidates available. If neither Brady or Himebauch was/is not offerred the offensive coordinator with the Als,it is because Jim Popp and Marc Trestman have someone else in mind. Marc Trestman will sign new assistants and the team will be as good/better than in 2011.


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Last I heard was that Brady has been offered both the O/C position in Toronto and Montreal. So at this point, the Als have only lost one (Milanovich), not three coaches. Maybe the other 2 will follow, maybe not.

But there's a silver lining. . . if we agree that the schemes had become a bit stale, and that the rest of the league was 'on to us' so to speak, the idea that we will bring in three new coaches with new perspectives this coming season is not necessarily a bad thing.

I appreciate your positiveness Richard, but the fact remains both Brady and Himebauch have been offered the offensive co-ordinator position and turned it down to move to Toronto. In Himebauch`s case ( if one is to believe the Twitter world) to become a running backs coach. The question has to be asked as to why.

Of course there will be replacements, but Trestman runs a supposedly sophisticated offense, and as we saw with the Burke to Tibesar transition you can not easily replace experience.

Also, Trestman`s contract runs out in 2012, and frankly he has not convinced me of his attachment to Montreal.

The sky is certainly not falling, we still have a great owner and GM, but these are things that have to be looked at.

Again, I’m asking if Popp and Trestman have made themselves available not whether the sky is falling. I’m not suggesting it is. Just whether they have been available for a reporter, commentator to ask and relay.

I heard Jim Popp being interviewed last week on both CJAD (Rick Moffat) and TSN 990 (Randy Tieman). There was nothing official then about Milanovich or the other assistants, but he was prepared to lose some, stating it was part of the price of having a successful organization.

Popp is the anti-Pierre Gauthier, always accessible, reporters just have to reach out to him.

Trestman has made a statement on the website about losing Milanovich.

Indeed, Jack. Good insight. And I agree with Richard -- the team will survive Milanovich's departure. Sure, Scott was in charge of the running plays, but it was Trestman who made the calls during the game. Scott is a smart guy, and I'm sure he'll improve Toronto's moribund offense, but our offense is about much more than just his influence.

I wouldn't mind seeing Brady step into the OC role, with Trestman retaining playcalling duties, and Martino coming back to replace Himebauch.

Should the Als also lose Brady and Himebauch,the 2 coaches,from within,that may be promoted are: Andy Bischoff and Carson Walch. Carson could be the one that would benefit the most. I dare say that their relation with Marc Trestman is much better than the one between Brady,Himebauch and Trestman. Again,I don't have any problem. Trestman,like all of us,is a human being and not perfect; many persons appreciate/have appreciated working with him/for him and it is the opposite for others. That's life/human nature. We are appreciated by some and not so by others. Brady and Himebauch may prefer working with/for Milanovich rather than Marc. It is extremely important to be at ease with the ones you work with/for. If Brady and Himebauch prefer working for Milanovich,it does not mean that Trestman is a bad person. Apparently,Chris Jones did not have a good relation with Hufnagel,particularly in the last year, and it is the main reason why he did quit/does want to go to Toronto.

We will have a very good team in 2012 and a very good coaching staff.


Thanks for the reply ideal

Go find your coaches elsewhere Milanovich, Brady is staying in MONTREAL!

Maybe Montreal/Trestman is not so bad,after all. Brady is staying with the Als!


Can't say I'm surprised.

You are Marcus Brady. . . you are going to step up to be an offensive coordinator for the first time. . . do you want to do that in (a) Toronto, where you have not much to work with at QB, a questionable offensive line and a weak receiving corps, or (b) Montreal, where you have an All Star QB, a backup that has better ability than Toronto's backup, the league's leading rusher, a very good offensive line, and a system with which you are already familiar?

Unless you really really liked Milanovich on a personal basis and hated working for Trestman, it's a no-brainer.

And, since he has apparently chosen Montreal, that would appear to but to bed any of these overblown panic-induced fears of dissension among the staff.

whew. well I for one am relieved. Yay for Marcus. :wink:

Great post,MadJack!.


On top of Brady choosing Montreal, I just want to highlight this portion of Richard's post, because I feel it's entirely on point. One man choosing another job does not mean his old boss is a tyrant or a bad person. Milanovich had nothing but good things to say about Trestman, but admitted that he wanted to step up and take on more responsibility. That wasn't happening in Montreal, so he left. So there goes all Herb's BS speculation that Milanovich was Trestman's scapegoat.

Brady staying is really great news.

Milanovich had every right to leave to become a head coach, but the speculation of Brady and Himebauch following him made me start asking questions.

I will no longer jump to conclusions based on twitter posts.

I will no longer jump to conclusions based on twitter posts.

I will no longer jump to conclusions based on twitter posts.

I will no longer jump to conclusions based on twitter posts.

It's called 'twit' ter for a reason. I stay out of there myself. :wink: