Popcorn, Nachos, Hot Dogs and Cake

I had them all ready Casey, never got to eat them, there is a green mould on them now, thanks a lot. I bought them all at Ivor Whynn so you owe me $50.00.

Does anyone have a link to Casey's initial press conference? Classic bit from Casey, Saturday Night Live worthy!

It was better than the Rocky Butler presser that is for sure!
Rocky wanted to crawl under the table.

And I wanted to crawl under the table after watching Rocky play.

Does anyone honestly believe that Casey could have made such a big difference on his own?? We had an O-line that gave up the most sacks in the league, very little to speak of in the receiving corpse (lol) and a RB who was always hurt. I took it as Casey trying to get the fans fired up and I'm sure the PR department had something to do with it. I never thought it meant that Casey was a selfish arrogant jerk like many and I still don't.

And a less than perfect coaching staff....Charlie and the gang.

LOL I must have blocked that out. Too painful.

It's a moot point now that he's gone, but Casey never said "chips and cakes", he said "chips and queso" which is a popular term for "corn chips with cheese dip" in some regions. "Queso" is the spanish word for cheese.

Maybe Casey had something like this in mind:

[url=http://www.gifts.com/search/product/Football-Party-Chips-and-Queso-Serving-Set?prodID=178106&kwd=you+bar]http://www.gifts.com/search/product/Foo ... wd=you+bar[/url]:

Gracias for the confirmation Safety Blitz, I was wondering if either of the places Casey played like Texas Christian or even the KC Chiefs sold cake at their games because that is a lovely idea. You have solved a 1.5 year riddle for me. Now I can finally move on with my life!

Hey, it’s not the popcorn vid, but pretty good :slight_smile:



yeah seriously. who eats chips and cakes anyway?

This thread should read "Popcorn, Nachos, Hot Dogs and CROW!

Casey was hobbled by two things primarily;

1 - nagging injuries that limited his play and negated his chances to improve.

2 - a supporting cast of mediocre players and terrible coaching.

If you ever listened to his radio show, it was very evident that he wanted nothing more than to succeed here in Hamilton. Yes, he made a poor initial impression but I truly believe that he learned from his mistakes. He was always supportive on the sidelines.

Good luck wherever you go Casey.