Pop up warning - post being edited in another window

Just wondering but has anybody else ever had a pop up come up in the middle of posting that says " post is being edited in another window" with an ignore or continue option button at the bottom .

This happens quite frequently to me when I am posting and I must say it is quite annoying to say the least .

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It has happened fairly often to me as well. It seems to me that it happens either when I leave the post before I complete it to check out something else and then return to complete it and also if I am not using Wifi. If I return to the post in progress and then hit ignore and finish the post then everything is fine. Part of it seems to be the system asking if you want to make your post in a different thread. Perhaps @GridironGirl can offer more insight.

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i have seen this issue as well and i will investigate. it is there for a reason but seems to pop up at the wrong instance sometimes.

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Thanks to both of you for your responses it's much appreciated .