'Pop-gun' Dinwiddie emerging as a solid CFL backup

A "pop-gun for an arm!" Those are Matt Dunnigan's words, not mine. He contends that Dinwiddie doesn't have the arm to be a first-string QB in the CFL. I agree.

Ryan led a charmed life while throwing rainbows & lollipops against Calgary in an improbable 32-28 win last week. Given Kevin Glenn's trauma after what happened in the East Final last year (he still doesn't have his mojo back), I thought Dinwiddie should have received the start in game 1, not game 5.

Had Doug Berry played it that way, he could have enabled Dinwiddie to realize his potential as a capable backup early in the season and played Bryan Randall to see what he can do.

Now, instead of having a full understanding of our QB situation (we still don't know what Randall can do) and easing Glenn back into the saddle when it's time, the Bombers are left scratching their heads wondering what to do next week after an anemic 19-11 loss to the Argos.

A team shouldn't be "wondering" about their QB situation 6 games into their season. I blame Doug Berry for this (a phrase I'm thinking of putting on a t-shirt design). Do you want one?