Poor Tigercats - Paopao is killing this team

Being a Ottawa Football Fan: I could not believe that Hamilton would hire this idiot!

Your team is loaded w/ talent @ Paopao has no clue how to use it. Talking to Ottawa fans here we watch in disgust as the Hamilton Offence looks EXACTLY like Ottawa's did.

Gotta love those Hitch passes for minus yardage & Ranek standing still when he gets the ball - why the don't have hime moving when he reeives the handoff makes no sense. Plus notice how rare it is that your receivers are also usually running patterns that require them to stop to catch the ball (hooks, hitches, etc.)

The guy is an a$$ - Greg Marshall is a good football coach & he is going get the axe cause of that bafoon!

How can an off. w/ Maas, Ranek, Holmes, Yeast, Flick, Cavil, Vaughn, Radlein, great
o-line be so bad?

Ask Kerry Joesph, Ranek, Jason Armstead, Pat Woodcock, Yo Murphy.

JOE MUST GO - & take your lackey: Kani Kauahi with you - goof wearing that ridicolus hat on the sideline - calls himself a professional

I feel for you Tigercat Fans!

Ottawa BAck '07!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll keep this in mind while watching the next few. Boy I hope you are wrong!!

Sorry but I have to agree, Something has got to give?

This team has spent some good cash getting the talent on the field. Now with bad play calling and coaching it is getting spoiled.

Sorry folks but a coaching overhaul is needed. When a team loses by 1 point and had under 10 passes beyond the 15 yard point something is not right. Maas stepped up last year and got the ESKS into the GREY cup last year and now with just as much talent Coaches are causing the biggest disappointment on the field. Bottom line if the play calling doesn't start to change then this team will likely not see a victory in the weeks to come. 1 thing is for sure the ALS will not stagger this week.

To perfect records stay intact
Montreal at 3-0
Hamilton at 0-3

I hope I am wrong!!!

I'm not sure you can pin the lack of long passes on the OC. If Maas were a little more accurate on his passes past 15 yards, I'm sure the coaches would call those plays more. As is was in the Calgary game, 2 of Maas' 3 completions on long passes were to the wrong team. A couple of other times he was set to throw long and the protection from the o-line broke down.

From what I've seen, the play calling is a lot more creative than any time in the last 3 or 4 years, I think the players just have to get in sync.

I agree, Poapoa time is over, besides we got some nice players that followed him here but that was the ONLY good thing about it!!!! The offence is as boring as it has for the last few years--- Mass could baei Danny Mac interception record here with this idiot at the helm.

After three games, his time is up?

Same offence? It’s NOTHING like Baressi’s offence.

Although it has only been three games, you can't say he has done anything but bad for this team. I wouldn't give him the axe yet, but if this continues we have to get rid of him before we lose our chances with this season.

Don’t worry Monty - we’re just keeping him employed so he’ll be sharp for you guys when you rejoin the league next year and are looking for a head coach.

If Montreal keeps a perfect record and goes 3-0,then you are wrong :wink:

We’d be 4-0…

Sad ,but they are a very good team.

I agree. At least Danny went deep now and then. Sometimes to the wrong coloured jerseys mind you, but deep none the less.

when P.P and tillman were named the execs of the Gades , the writing was on the wall-long before Gliebermans, id be interested to know who else was in line for the TiCat OC job?- hopefully the TiCats do well so we dont go thru alot of turnover and turmoil- go cats go

Wow!....in this one thread I've seen words like:

idiot (a 2nd time)

and this thread wasn't even about me!! :wink: :smiley:

Tough crowd out there :o

:? :?

Do you think it's possible that Joe is messing up the offense on purpose to make Greg Marshall look bad so he'll get the boot and Joe can move in as head coach?


Well this is an absolutely ridiculous post!

The Head coach is the man in charge - he accepts responsibility. It is Marshall running the show not Paopao.

Besides you have it dead wrong - the Ottawa offence was one of the brightest things about the team. Check the stats from last year!!! Ranek 1200 yards rushing, 800 passing, Yo Murphy and Jason Armstead both over 1000 yards receiving.
Joseph 4500 yards passing and 1,000 yards rushing!!

There's nothing wrong with Paopao's offence. The Cats get first downs with much more regularity than they did last year. If receivers fight for Maas' deep passes more and if our kicker does his job more professionally, we are at least 1-2 right now.

A bigger concern, I think, is Reed's inability to recognize that the talent he had in the secondary wasn't good enough to cut it in the regular season. Martin wouldn't have started on any other team, so he shouldn't have started on ours. And now we're forced to sign a DB in week 3 who didn't even attend our training camp! Come on! Also, I'm not sold on the starting ability of Justin. Will we have to sign another totally new DB prospect next week (AFTER WEEK FOUR!) after Cahoon makes HIM look foolish Thursday night? And we've all seen that the team is better with Brooks at MLB rather than Reed's boy, Auggie, who started originally this year. In the future I'd like to see Reed not be so "buddy buddy" with guys, and just give the starting jobs to the best possible players.

I understand that Marshall is the Head Coach & is ultimately responsible for the OC

Saying that, "mikem" you couldn't be more wrong. Paopao is a brutal playcaller! Agaisnt Montreal count how many hitch passes are run (also how many actually work). Plus ask any Ottawa fan Paopao never throws deep it is always hooks & out & flares to the running back. Also watch if he gets a shovel pass to work he will run it 20 times after that.

Maas is not the issue it is the playcalling & the play not having correct patterns being run. On any play that has a receiver going deep he will usually be the only option to that side - thus forcing a dump to the running back - thats why Ranek will have a ton in receiving as well.

section8since72 - I would rather they dig up Frank Clair & prop him on the sideline then seee that fool here again

And it still sucked. As I have said before ,I was a season ticket holder in ottawa and they had a good team, but the coaching was terrible. How many times did he take ottawa to the playoffs in the 4 years? I see the same thing happen here.

Accuracy all trickles back on the play calling. remember when a QB is given a particular play he knows what his primary presnap read is. this gives him his primary receiver. If that is covered then he has 1 secondary and then the dump. When an OC gets into a habit of calling short passes the DC starts filling the box up and adds pressure. once there is that pressure up the middle it becomes very difficult to get a good presnap read for long passes. Stretch things out and it keeps the defense on the heels trying to perdict

You have to think Defense as 4 options on run
inside run right inside run left
outside run right outside run left
and for a pass there is 12 options
short wide left short inside left same as right
mid wide left mid inside left (same as right)
and long wide left long inside left ( right Again)

If you fail to attempt the mid to long on a consistant basis then te defence takes it completely away by adding pressure.NO TIME CUTS OUT 8 of 12 options. and the Remaining 4 options do not get first downs

Wow…it’s been a while since I’ve been on here…

Couple of points.

History has proven, even with a talented team, you need time to adjust. Especially when there are so many faces.

The CFL pre-season is so short, it takes a few weeks to get insync.

At the same time Paopao’s offence is so unimaginative, the Ticats will go no where with it.

Last year the Gades offense showed some promised once Tommy Condell took OC duties from Joe.

Sadly what I see happening is (if the Ticats don’t start winning), Marshall will be fired, and Joe will be promoted to HC.