Poor Presentation of Western Trophy

What a wonderful game and the outcome was terrific. However, the Trophy was awarded in an area away from most of the team. Why would anyone separate the team from a ceremony they worked hard to get to? The win was a team effort and to see the players milling in the stadium and not included was sad to say the least. Anyone else feel the team as a whole should have been at the award ceremony?

I agree with you. It took a team effort to win the Western division championship. All of the players should have had the chance to revel in the glory of accepting the trophy. The actual presentation took place just above where the players come running out onto the field and go back in after the half and after the game.

The trophy presentation almost seemed like an after thought in some ways. The announcement that it was about to be presented came well after most of the fans has exited the stadium. I'm not quite sure why.

poor planning? restores your faith in humanity.

They thought everyone would just take it in on the huge, $6 million screen, probably because society has become that with everyone doing their biz on smart phones etc.

Ya, weak presentation. TSN was too lazy to set something up better because they have to cut to NFL ASAP.

Am I alone or did anybody else not even know there was a trophy for winning the West? This trophy doesn’t mean anything anyway. There’s only one the team is playing for.

I’m sure the presentation of the GC will be a whole team affair.