Poor officiating

Well....I am a Als fan first of all...I am pleased the Riders did in fact guarantee a non-playoff for the Esks...But...I would like to hear from some Rider fans...the officiating was unacceptable in this game.....I am also a Rider fan as well,but this was just not right tonight :thdn: :thdn:

The only real issue I had was with the replays.....thought the Als got totally jobbed on the first one.....the second one could have gone either way, I guess.....

…I really didn’t see anything ‘conclusive’ on the second one that warranted overturning the call, but I’m not a ref so what does my opinion matter?..

I agree with you on both. However where does conclusive come in on the second one. How can they over turn that oneQ

On one replay - only one, mind you - it appeared to me as though Dominguez was out of bounds. On the others, it was impossible to tell.....but like Red, I'm no ref.....

IMO they should a sticky or something regarding this topic (refs) :lol: the complaints happens after each game 8), dont get me wrong :expressionless: i dont like them either this year :roll:

I think that they got both calls right , but the first one was really close.

Common HT. You know that you are so biased against Montreal any call that goes against them you will be in favor of.

Admit it to yourself :wink:

I think the Riders got breaks on both replays - not that the first one helped them at all. But if I was an Als fan I would be a little choked about the refereeing.

Watching on the big screen, the first one seemed to be just coming out as Bracey's knee touched the ground, the second one it looked like Dominguez' foot was barely touching the out of bounds, but touching nonetheless.

With two refs standing right on the line, calling it in-bounds, and then having no conclusive evidence in a replay, the play should not have been overturned! I guess the CFL really wants the roughriders in the playoffs.

Maybe the CFL aid them in stealing a home playoff game from calgary next. :roll:

As long as you do the same for the ALS?

Listen .....SASK. , have no business winning this game [not because of the calls] but because of their 5 turn overs. :thdn:

Montreal had 5 chances to blow this game out , but lets give some credit to the SASK. defence for holding MONTREAL to how many points off 5 turn overs?

To me that was the big diference in this game.

NOW NOW roughy if you watch closely you can see the ball move slightly. he lost control just before his knee hit the ground so it was a fumble! :lol:

ro1313 can you supply a picture on this one (the Dominguez play).

I said exactly that, it looked like the ball was coming out as his knee hit the ground.

or you can say that the CFL really wants the EE not to be in the playoffs :lol:

Ill post a video tomorrow.

HT I have taken Toronto's side many times when it comes to reffing calls. Can you honestly say you have done the same with Montreal

the first instant replay was irrevelant...Mtl still got a td...but the Dominguez fumble was the wong call,it was NOT conclusive, the league has to look at the officiating and correct this error,before it costs a team the Grey Cup

NO , because they usually get the calls there way. :wink:

Again , how many points did MONTREAL score off 5 SASK. turn overs?

As I have said , that was the big difference in this game.

Plus MONTREAL really missed CAHOON.

Thats my point!
Its the word conclusive!
If they want to say "In my opinion" it would apply to many calls. I actually would be fine with that!

Unreal HT

You are blinded by your dislike for the Als if you can say that!