Poor Defence

Where is the Defence ?? They couldn't stop the run or pass. We could have won against Calgary with 90 sec.to
go if the Defence had done their job.Against Saskatchewan two weeks ago,they couldn't stop anything in the last
minute.Feel sorry for all the LIONS fans !!! Wally didn't care to fix it for the whole year.

You mean no defense. We have to stop sending out girl guides for the "front 4"

In normal games, the defense loses it in the last minute, and lose us the game, like against the rough riders and stampeders, we had those games... and would of been in the playoffs but they blew it last minute, but in this case, against EDMONTON, the defense blew it the WHOLE game.

I heard the D was coming in from the Valley but got held up in the Port Mann construction and didn't even make it to the game.
Or the Felions played for them last night, those are the only 2 explainations I can think of.

haha, like, do they even know how to tackle? Like on that kick return, 3 lions were on him, he still got out and ran like 2 yards before they blew the whistle to stop the play for something, and on running plays, they would run right through us, one got out of aron hunts tackle. oh well.. we still got some faith left.

I think the other teams have an easy scouting report on the Lions:

want to pass?....send someone Marsh's way, he'll let you catch it, then try to contain you till help arrives, or maybe on rare occasions actually try to tackle you himself, but only after you make your catch.

want to run, go right at Hunt, after he pulls his undersized XXXXLarge shirt back down over his gut, he'll wave the one hand he doesn't have a cheeseburger in to try to push you toward one of the actual athletes on the line.

3rd and inches?...have laugh and let them go for it, the Lions haven't made one of those in 2 years, and if it's your own 3rd and maybe 2 yards, give it a go, even Edmonton did it with 3rd string running backs in garbage time.( maybe he was eating a cheeseburger on the sidelines and breathed onions on Hunt?)

want to win the game, just pass rush....the orange Pylons wearing helmets on the left side of the O line will let you stomp our QB into the turf, how else do you explain a pivitol final game of the season, win you're in, lose you pray for someone else to lose, and we are down to our 5th string QB, how many other teams are even on their 2nd stringer?, we have no pass protection, haven't all year and thats the bottom line why we are where we are.

The Vanilla midgets on the line haven't protected our QB's all year and that's why we have a 5th stringer trying to carry the hopes of a province.

I think you summed it up quite well Pantherprime. I particularly liked the anology “pylons with orange helmets”. :lol: Haven’t quite heard the team described like that.

Heads will be rolling next season. I wonder who will be getting the axe?

haha panther prime. the aron hunt example is perfect.

Yeh, about the only bright spot on defence has been Rick Foley. I don’t think the D-line has been that bad but they aren’t getting good linebacking support, particularly on the run. Armour may have been an over-rated acquisition and McKenzie has been invisible at times. Banks as a linebacker/nickel-back isn’t doing the job. The secondary makes good tackles, after the gain - unfortunately they break-up very few passes.

On offense, there are the obvious QB injury problems - Pierce wasn’t really in condition to be dressed, but there was no one else. Mallett is the bright spot here - and there is good receiving talent but no one really stands out on the depth chart at receiver. O-line? Well, they’ve been mediocre is the best that can be said.

Special teams? Saw some nice returns from Grice-Mullen but improvement needed on coverage. Will McCallum be back next year?

maybe we should blitz a bit more - it works on us.

Yes , there has to be changes on both O and D lines. But it won’t matter who we put in there if Benevedes is still making the calls on D!!! This guy is meant to be our future head coach??? Yikes!

"Will McCallum be back next year?" by robsawatsky

I think they should let him go. He is too inconsistent. Get Anderson back on the kick offs and Whyte back in punting and kicking field goals.