Poor Call

Lions 31, Bombers 23 with around 1:40 left on the clock.
Bombers have 1 timeout.

Heres a few reasons why the onside kick is a very POOR call.
First off. Winnipegs kicking and punting game combined was quite poor the entire game. Why would you trust them to kick a perfect onside kick to decide the Grey Cup?
This leads to my second point. On paper, you have the best Defense in the league. Even though they struggled at some key points to let BC get 31 points, any good defense with some heart and swagger would be jacked up to give their offense a chance to tie the game with a quick 2 and out if you kick it deep. (MUCH BETTER CHANCE OF SUCCESS).
My third point. I know the Lions were playing more of a prevent defense while the Bombers scored 14 points. But even so, Winnipeg had a good amount of MOMENTUM and probably some confidence. Why would you carelessly gamble an onside kick with the amount of time on the clock? Lack of awareness on LaPolice decision making.

From watching the CFL all of my life, i know that in a 1:40 a lot can happen to a team with some momentum. These 3 main points have me scratching my head and seriously questioning what was going through the coaches heads.

Id like to hear your thoughts if im completely out to lunch, or accurate in my assessment of this situation. :cowboy:

You never know what will happen on a kick return. They got the ball at the 48 I think, not unreasonable to think that with an average kick and even just one key block the return could have got them to the 35. Now the offense puts the ball on the ground and keeps it in bounds even with a 2 and out and a decent return by the Bombers they're looking at possession just short of centre field at best with 50-55 seconds. Just 1 first down and you push that back and take another 30 seconds off the clock.

At that point you have to try the onside, anything else is giving up on the game.

In hindsight it may have been a poor call, but I'd wager that most Head Coaches would have attempted the onside as well in a similar scenario.

That was a poor call to make. Put that one on Lapolice.

This is the only place I have seen this call questioned. Now had Lapolice booted it deep and prayed for a 2 and out it would be debated in every paper, radio and tv show. Some may not like it but at that time in the game you won't find a CFL coach that wouldn't onside kick. Right call.

That was the right call, they were low on time and options.

I thought it was a poor call aswell, I figured BC would keep it on the ground regardless so that they kick away and we have 40seconds to a minute left and with the way Jovon was returning i liked are chances better than having pierce try and drive the field from 45.

Regardless its like Odell was quoted as sayin "you can play the if card but if didn't show up today"

Thats a point i forgot to mention. Jovon Johnson was getting incredible field position. So with the 2-0, and potentially at least a 15-20 yard return, the Bombers have decent field position probably around their own 45 with around 40-50 seconds on the clock against a BC defense which will be in full out prevent defense and have 1 timeout.
On another matter, I do think the Bombers defense bottled up Harris for most of the game, stopping him for 1-3 yard gains on most of his carries. He only had one or 2 big runs.
I would be able to understand if your defense was one of the worst in the CFL to kick the onside kick. Not the BEST. From my view this season (as an unbiased Eskimo fan to this situation). From the Bomber games i watched, Swaggervilles defense usually came up clutch when needed.