Poor Attendance

So the attendance was only 21,000 for the home opener...what is up with that? It was a nice Sunday against a Western rival...I hope that there is a better crowd for the Calgary game, like 24,000-26,000 is reasonable.

It was the least attended game by over 4,000 in week 2, what is happening in Riderville?

Burris is back in town, hopefully everyone shows up to cause him a lot of trouble all night long. I've already got my ticket!

A slow start in attendance is not unusual in this province so i'm not really sure why its receiving such press all of a sudden look at past years openers:

July 5, 2002 - Calgary vs Riders: 21,968
June 28, 2003 - BC vs Riders: 22,155
July 2, 2004 - BC vs Riders: 21,605
June 25, 2005 -Winnipeg vs Riders: 23,067
June 25, 2006 - BC vs Riders: 21,028

There were also many excuses for people not to be there. I personally was there and was not disappointed.

Attendance will pick up as the year goes along, it always does provided the team is still in the hunt. And its should start next week with Calgary in town, and the anniversary of the 66 GC win.

the game also had a bad kickoff time at 5, alot of people work the next day thats probably one of the reasons the attendance was so low, even tho the attendance was low the crowd was really loud in the 4th quarter probably the loudest outta the game s i have been to.

some people dont understand that Sunday was a bad night to play here!


no i think it's just an invisible year for the riders they don't seem to satnd out as much as the other teams

im guessing your not a [i]Rider[/i] fan :wink: because they just played a back to back games against a good team and if we didnt stand out yet :cowboy: boy oh boy :roll: the Calgary game will show that we stand out or invisible as you put it :stuck_out_tongue:

How many people does it take for a sell out at Mosaic Stadium?? 28,800? And you can’t sell that out EVERY SINGLE GAME??? Just keep telling yourselves that you are the Best and Most Loyal fans in the league.

And please spare me the excuse that you have the most fans at away games. Yes, the teams that continually prevent you from EVER having a home playoff game, let alone winning the Grey Cup thank you for the revenue, but to not be able to support your own team, at home games, is just plain sad.

23942 at todays game...

What do you need to sell out Mosaic Stadium? 28,800? And you can't sell out EVERY SINGLE game? Pathetic. Just keep telling yourselves that you are the BEST and MOST LOYAL fans in the CFL.

And don't give me the usual excuses of how you have the most fans at away games. The franchises that continually prevent you from hosting a playoff game, let alone winning a Grey Cup, thank you for the revenue, but to not be able to support your own team at home games is pathetic.

24,000 for a 28 800 seat stadium is not bad, that is 83% of capacity. Meanwhile Edmonton had 35,000 for its last game, in a stadium built for 60 000, which is only 58% capacity. So where are all the Eskimo fans, they are defending Grey Cup champs!! Edmonton is 3 times the size of Regina, but you can only put 11,000 more butts in the seats? 24,000 of 200 thousand is 12% of Reginians filling Mosaic Stadium, but then only about 6% of Edmontonians are going to Eskimos games. Really you need to say to the people of Edmonton that they need to attend games!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Thanks for the near double post eight hours apart, warner....shows that original thought process of yours nicely.....

BC seems to do fine, the last time i was there ( i like in the Okanagan ) and excluding the grey cup when i went there was near 35,000 if I believe for the Eskimos vs LIONS! game on august 4th i think it was. that was great

Ironic that this year's slogan is the "13th man"...

So when your fans don't show up, you have to start resorting to comparing stadium capacities? :lol: And let's not lie here, 35,000 was the lowest home attendance for the esks in two years(rain anyone?), they'll avg. 41,000 again this year. So I don't see how anyone can be making any statements or arguments about the eskimos solid attendance #'s. Yeah, we have a big stadium, so what? If the riders had a 60,000 seat stadium there'd be 21,000 people in it, 35% full. Stadium capacities can't be brought into attendance arguments, unless it's a team that is really hindered by its stadium (like montreal).

edited because I can't say something intelligent

The point is, The Mighty Edmonton Eskimos average over 40,000 fans per game, year in and year out. Edmonton’s AVERAGE attendance is 12,000 more than a SELL OUT in Regina!!! If Commonwealth stadium was as small as your third rate barn, there’d be a 100% sell out in season tickets, EVERY YEAR, with a waiting list for season tickets that was several years long.

We all know that Regina is nothing more than a wide spot in the road, with a couple of gas stations for beef jerkey, and a greasy spoon diner. You don’t need to remind us that Edmonton is bigger. If fan support in Regina is so low, that you can’t even sell out the tiny stadium you got, then at least shut your mouths with your silly claims of having the best and most loyal fans in the league. It just sounds kind of silly.

Cmon you guys, do you not see that my whole post that I was being sarcastic? Sheesh, lighten up already,LOL

Yeah I'm also disappointed in the attendance figures so far this yr. But as usual, more people will show up later on in the season, once things get REALLY interesting.
Rider fans are loyal, but we're not idiots. Shivers/Barret will have to field a winning team in order to fill the seats. In that sense, we're no different than any other team in sports! When the team is winning week in and week out and the attendance is STILL sub par, THEN I'll be concerned. Teams like Montreal and Edmonton can give themselves a big ol' pat on the back for their attendance figures, but we all know they could never sustain those attendance figures if they fielded unsuccessful teams.
In closing, Montreal and Edmonton fans are spoiled brats! :lol: :lol: :lol: