Poor attendance Southern Ontario

I guess a downer game can be followed up with a downer post about some stuff I was thinking about..

Some thoughts...

As much as the CFL has benefitted from TSN being it's broadcaster. Having a monopoly on setting the schedule doesn't help either. Looking ahead our next home game is Thanksgiving Day at supper hour. I don't see our fans being as loyal as those to the south and I think this game is going to be a really tough sell for the team. Especially (God, I hope not!) if Calgary lays a revenge beating on us next week. There will be the die hards like me, who make the family postpone turkey day to the following weekend, but I don't see many fairweather or walk up fans doing the same. I am thinking back to the early 90's when only 10 to 11 thousand were coming out. I can't see how the team wanted this game, my only logical conclusion is that TSN put it out there to work around their hockey and NFL schedule and someone had to take it.


I have really, really been enjoying the Blue Team stinking it up this year. But this has to be a major concern for them when it comes to season ticket renewels. Come December when the Bills come to town, they will be bringing the huge New York media and the entire NFL behind them with a prime time game against the Jets. I really think the NFL is going to go all out on this one to make it a spectacle, and combined with the team just completely stinking, getting fans to stick with the team not just in the short term but for the long haul is going to be really tough for them, and that can't be good for the league either. Tough spot for them, but doesn't mean I am going to cheer them on either...

In the mean time during this stretch run to the playoffs, I'm looking forward to the 'Cats getting back on track and finishing up with a Grey Cup in tow!


8) Why don't you solve your problem regarding Thanksgiving Day, by simply having your Turkey
  Dinner a day early, on Sunday !!

  Why bother waiting till the following weekend ??      <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

We are having the family Turkey Dinner @ 1pm and I'm getting tickets for at least 6 that don't normally go. I'm not sure what the problem is to be honest with you

You would think that Thanksgiving would be an ideal time for a football game and the start of a tradition like the Labour day game.
Canada Day, Labour Day and Thanksgiving should be the 3 Big games.

I like the T-giving day game. I think that'll be good for attendance. Obviously it's better if we do it year after year so people know its coming. But I like it.

Saw they had 62,000 in Edmonton, eh? Wow...that's awesome!

Like people above suggested, eat on Sunday or have a "hot" lunch.

Personally, I have never eaten on the Monday. It's just a pain that you cook all day, eat at 5/6, then clean up, then relex for an hour then go to bed.

You do everything on Sunday, then Monday is a free day.

Talk to the fans in Detroit or Dallas, ask them if they want their game changed.

If the Team and the CFL want its Diehard fans to Help them fill the stands, then the Team and the CFL Have to help the Die hard fans sell the game, By playing such a ridicules Schedule It makes one wonder if they really Have a clue??? TSN,s CFL Ratings are sky high , even with this ridicules sched! Maybe the Players association can demand 5 days between games to end this underhanded (Roger,s and Toronto Corporate network slite of the CFL and its Fans!

Yes record crowd and record crowds in Calgary, sellouts in Sask. The West has been hit harder with the downturn in the economy but sports not effected!!
Pathetic that in the Hamilton area with over 6 million people 19 to 22thousand! can't blame the economy.

One big problem alot of people travel on that weekend to loved ones all over are great province and further so .....!

Invite them here silly

I guess not enough people in the East care much about CFL football. Not sure why this is so-- a combination of reasons no doubt. It seems to be a bit of a niche sport with a core following but lacking some intangible ingredient needed to put it higher in the public mind. It's been that way for years, as has the difference between eastern indifference and western support.

Hamilton is a city that doesn't have a clue what it is or where it stands in the minds of many, limbo land for this city I'd say. I love it and while it has a soul, the soul isn't very deep compared with many cities in Canada. It wants to be Toronto on one hand but doesn't on the other, ok, whatever.

Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday has always been the way to go. Then Monday, you have all the time to do whatever you want including going to a game.
The Bills were 1-4 in preseason and after today's yawner, they are 1-2 in season standings. Last time around in Toronto, Rogers and the Bills had to give away thousands of tickets. As much as Torontonians are masochists (42 year loser hockey team) I don't see them embracing another loser city's team to the degree that you're worried about. It's important to some, but really just a novelty for the most part. It will never fly beyond a few ($$$$ losing) games in Canada.

Yes, New York media is old hat to Torontonians now with the Yankees coming in there all the time. If the Bills have a shot at the playoffs then they'll get an excellent crowd and of course fans of both teams in Toronto/GTA/southern Ontario will show up if they are willing to dish out the dough. I think a night game will help as well. But the problem remains even though they've dropped some ticket prices, even many so-called big-time NFL fans around these parts won't go because of the prices.