Poor attempt at CFL bashing

On the CFL fan page one discussion is… well… I can’t say what they call the CFL on here, but here is their ‘proof’:

[url=http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=512520337&ref=name#/topic.php?uid=30460126393&topic=7020]http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id= ... topic=7020[/url]
-30 yards + TD zone HUH !!! -field not perfectly square lol... -55 yards line WTF .... -field goal poll right in the middle of the end zone LOL... -bunch of loser playing together ( CFL players ) -Jersey with "Sponsors " lol... -90% of all CFL teams playing inside University stadium LOL...LOL... -3 downs only HUH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -u can scored 1 point in the CFL WTF ............. -2008 Eastern final with a east team versus an west team LOL.... East final or what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Stupid "Sponsors" on the field lol... -No stand for fan in both end zone , all stadium LOL..LOl... -CBC , TSN ! ( Canadian "Redneck" T.V. ) lol...
They then get torn apart by this great response.
"-30 yards + TD zone HUH !!!" Our endzones are 20 yards long, good try smart guy.

“-field not perfectly square lol…”
Last time I checked, American football fields weren’t square either? American fields are 100 by 53 1/3 yards long. Canadian fields are 110 by 65. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a four-sided object isn’t “perfectly square” unless all sides are the same length… I think I passed second grade geometry, so I was actually kidding you about correcting me if I was wrong. Sorry to get you excited Johnny boy.

“-55 yards line WTF …”
Actually there’s only one 55 yard line because it’s mid-field.

“-field goal poll right in the middle of the end zone LOL…”
I didn’t know you could vote for a field goal in the middle of the endzone. Or wait, did you mean pole? Your spelling was just too good, you confused me for a second. And the goalposts are actually in the middle of the front of the endzone. American football goalposts are in the middle too, except they’re in the back. When you think about it, it’s better that the goalposts are at the front of the endzone. With 3 downs, more drives are likely to be stopped by the defence. To make up for the increased difficulty of scoring a touchdown, there are more opportunities for field goals. I hope I didn’t use too many big words there, Johnny boy.

“-bunch of loser playing together ( CFL players )”
lol, really? Ricky Williams, Warren Moon, Doug Flutie, Joe Theismann and Michael Clemons… are all losers? hahahaha Johnny you’re a big joke.

"-Jersey with “Sponsors " lol…”
Better than $100,000 per second Super Bowl commercials.

“-90% of all CFL teams playing inside University stadium LOL…LOL…”
There are 8 CFL teams. If 90% of teams play inside university stadums then that is equal to 7.2 teams. So to mathematically prove that you’re a moron, I have to name more than 0.8 teams that play in their own stadiums…
Toronto Argonauts - Rogers Centre.
Hamilton Tiger-Cats - Ivor Wynne Stadium.
BC Lions - BC Place Stadium …need I say more?
Because I’ve already said 2.2 stadiums more than I need to. I know this is some tough math here Johnny but stick with it and maybe you might pass third grade math big guy. :slight_smile:

“-3 downs only HUH !!!”
Offences have to be more efficient, making for a faster-paced and more exciting game. Quarterbacks need to be more accurate and mobile because of the increased reliance on the passing game. And if you’re trying to say “huh?” then try saying it with 1 question mark instead of 23 exclamation marks. It makes you sound like less of an idiot, and it’s pretty clear a kid like you would be pretty concerned about looking like an idiot.

“-u can scored 1 point in the CFL WTF …”
Yes Johnny boy it’s called the single point. It’s there so that you have to be a man and run the ball out of your endzone instead of taking a knee and having the ball taken out to your own 20. btw it’s “can score” without the “d” smart guy.

“-Stupid “Sponsors” on the field lol…”’
Here’s a simple equation even you should get, Einstein:
Sponsors = Money for the CFL + Advertising for Businesses
Money for the CFL = the operation of the CFL
This is how any sports league operates.

“-2008 Eastern final with a east team versus an west team LOL… East final or what !!!”
You have 28 exclamation marks here, so whatever your point is here, it must be important, right? Also, it’s “an” before a word that begins with a vowel and “a” before a word that does not. Nice try though.

“-No stand for fan in both end zone , all stadium LOL…LOl…”

“-CBC , TSN ! ( Canadian “Redneck” T.V. ) lol…”
Hahahaha! Really, Johnny? You’re the smartest kid I know… so everyone who reads this thread can take it from you when you call something “Redneck”. I mean, those TV stations should be on 24/7 in your double-wide, right?

Thanks for coming out, Johnny. Your wise words inspire us all to not watch the CFL. I know it might be hard for you, Einstein, but umm… next time can you actually come up with an argument that makes a bit of sense? Good grammar might be a bonus too.

It appears the successful troll was successful.

or extremely uneducated!

Nope, this is facebook. It is a breeding ground for trolls. This is an average troll at best but he looks better than he is because he trolled noobs. The name John Force is obviously not his and he created a fake facebook account to troll and have a degree of seperation between it and his real account.
He is quite knowledgeable about the CFL, he knew which buttons to push to set people off. Buuuut because people fell for such an obvious troll, he'll be back. Don't feed the trolls!

I don't know. He may be a troll, but he probably doesn't actually know that much about the CFL ... it's not like it would be hard to "learn" any of those "facts".

DISCLAIMER: The afore-discussed Troll does not represent American football fans, nor Americans in general; s/he is likely the product of inbreeding, substance abuse, or (in the case of a male troll), psychological need to compensate for having an inadequate ding-a-ling.
Unfortunately, said troll seems like the kind of unstable individual that shows up at work/school one day with an Uzi.

nice one

as much as it pains me to say this… this type of thinking has infected many football fans in Canada as well. It has become partly trendy almost to like the nfl in Canada as aposed to the cfl, for the simple fact its Not the NATIONAL football league, or because they feel its “dorky” to like the CFL. i definalte dont see this as a reflection of the american football fan, but a reflection of the trend to bash the cfl because its not as “cool” as the NFL.