Poop in Higgins out

Go figure.

You had to start a brand-new thread for this profound insight? :?

You’re full of it too. Bad call IMO

Are you smoking something? What’s wrong with you? You start a dup thread here and another one in the general forum where you misspell Popp’s name in the title. In both cases, there are existing threads dedicated to THIS EXACT TOPIC. Learn how to conduct yourself on a message board or don’t post here.

Feeding the Troll?

I know, I know, but I figured I’d give him a heads-up on forum etiquette. He’s doing the same thing in the general area and getting the mods on his back there…

You really like that joke, don't you Poopster1

Poopster1 :lol: :thup:

I would like to see the CFL put Tom Higgins back over seeing the Game Officials. The former referees in charge have made the game unwatchable.
Montreal should have hired Chris Jones instead of Higgins, but it always seems to appear Popp wants somebody he can control. How many times has Popp taken over the coaching reins in mid season, must be about 4 times.
He's a good recruiter and he should stick to that IMO.

Get your facts straight before you post in our forum. First, Popp did not hire Higgins. The owner did. Second, do you think Popp "controlled" Trestman? You have zero basis for all this.

How many times has Popp taken over the coaching reins in mid season, must be about 4 times.
2001, Rod Rust was sick and the team was in freefall.

2006, Don Matthews was sick and had to resign. Popp took over and the team made it to the Grey Cup game, narrowly losing to BC.

2013, Hawkins was incompetent and the team was in freefall. Popp took over and we did well enough to make the playoffs.

2015, Higgins is incompetent and Popp takes over.

Legitimate every single time. :thup:

I wonder how many times this will have to be repeated before people finally clue in to reality.

Probably over 50 times at the going rate, it seems. . .

Big lie principle in action. Repeat something often enough and people will believe it even if it's not true. :wink:

The bottom line here is that Higgins was replaced with essentially Poop. Check his overall win loss record as a HC.

I believe it was rumoured at the time that he had no interest in returning to Montreal; don't know if it was Popp, the city, Wettenhal, knowing he would be expected to keep Thorpe as DC or what. But he was allegedly not an option the Als had to choose from.

Kudos to Popp.

This vindicates his decision to clean house, the team was the best it's been all year.

Both the D and the O contributed, no arguments tonite!

I concur, great job!

Even Austin congratulated him. That doesn't happen often after his team loses...

Maybe this win gets the media jackals off his back for a little while. Well-deserved win for Head Coach Popp v.4.0. :smiley:

Je lisais hier soir les commentaires à propos du congédiement de Tom Higgins sur Sportsnet, et je peinais à comprendre les supposés arguments des intervenants. Où étaient-ils ces deux dernières saisons? Ont-ils seulement regardé les parties?

Une chose ma frappée, cependant : aucun d'entre-eux n'a été capable ce que Higgins avait fait de bien pour mériter de demeurer en poste. Conclusion : tout ce que ces gens voulaient, c'est faire du "Alouettes bashing". Faut croire que c'est vendeur à Rontoto.

Yup...best game of the year. Building on their second best game of the year in BC the week before. Trending upwards hopefully.