Pony Tails Hex ?

I'm starting to buy into the theory that Westwood has actually put some sort of "mumbo jumbo" hex on the Bombers this year.

The injury situation is beyond believable.

Half of the starters on this team are out, Simpson now gone for the season.

The Bombers don't need a psychologist, the need a witch doctor to lift this hex.

It has to be said: we're grasping at straws in an unfashionable sense.

We need a human sacrifice!!! I nominate Doug Berry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3s4zAh3-HEE

Piggy, since Duncan O'Missy has been crowned as your kicker, why not bring Troy back as QB?

Just Kiddin,

no sporty o'missy broke his toe at night when he stubbed it on something so hes injured 2. Alexis serna is kicking and hes acctually doing great.

but i think we should bring inmacallum, did u see that throw he did to jason clarmont, now that would be an upgrade over the "quarterback" we have.

Milt, You guys will turn it around. While the masses like to scream " Don't use injuries as an excuse" too many key positions that are hurting DO make a big difference.

Okay, Time to bring Troy back and get the Bombers on a winning streak!

Are you blaming your teams bad start on injuries?

because if you wanna see a team with injuries you should look at the best team in the league right now (riders)

i believe they have 12 people on their injured list.

No, I was blaming the injuries on Westwoods voodoo.