Ponder released??

I heard it through the grapevine that Ponder has been released.

Has anyone seen any info to confirm this?? I've looked around, but can't seem to find it anywhere.

I really hate when this team gives up on players so quickly. They're going to release Ponder and keep guys like Jojo, no wonder this team is a joke around the league.

They Have to Release him
To they may add him to Practice Roster ..
He'll may be add there unless some picks him up.

why do they have to release him?

To make room for someone else

Well release Jojo then

Friggin BINGO we have a winner!!!

I do not understand giving up on Ponder

If this is true and there isn't some kind of confrontation or back door stuff that happened to lead to it this team is a joke.

8) It is just possible bg that the Cats have brought in a new player within the last 48 hrs. and someone has to go to make room for him !!!!!

why do they have to release him?
it seems you know why they 'have to' release him,so,
why!?..tell us!

It Order to Put Player Practice Roster
He must be cut 1st CFL Rules.

also They maybe Bring Someone in for all we know who is better
Will Did't get open that much
Mitchel did and Jojo will be back this week.

so look for Mitchel Walker Miles Cohen with Woodcock and French the 5th and 6th WR>

Could you share with me How many snaps Willie Played cos I sure didnt see him out there much.

Strange to hear anything bad about Ponder. People that were going to camp and reporting here were raving about his ability and calling him the best WR in camp. Whats up?

If true, maybe they had to make room for an import "Corner". Isn't there one floating around now just down the road? :wink:

Yep that is guess Matelot..

So you DON’T know what they ‘have to’ release him,as you stated before.You are just guessing.
Rather see Walker released…IMO

No I won't till Tonight or Tomorrow For sure.

I'd have talk to Few People or See if willie at Practice Monday .

I'd Rather Keep Jojo Since this 2nd year.
Willie was brought in as a KR and WR.
Smith and Jojo can do that.
Also Mitchel Walker Miles Cohen with Woodcock and French are not bad..

It was confirmed on the 1130 CHCH sports show with Bubba that he was released.

oh well…

Pretty sure Ponder didn't play a down on Thursday.