Ponder ??? Defence ?

Can anyone explain why ponder was not playing against Montreal . i thought OBIE said we are going with 4 american revievers and I saw only 3 in mitchell, miles and cohen .
Danny Creehan seems like a pretty intense guy . I can't see him tolerating the soft play of that front 7 last game especially the 2 DT's and Mariuz . Keith seemed like a passenger and even MORENO looked bad . knowltonm looked OK . Mckay seems injured

If out DT'S suck this bad let's use canadians there until we find decent americans and then use an american and linebacker in place of Mariuz .

I agree with the DT's. As for the WR's. the Canadian that played, Pat Woodcock, was probably the best receiver out there.

yes in this game woodcock was good . I think we need to put the 4 americans out there to see which of them excel and then later have one canadian reciever added . Other than Miles , I think Ponder was the closest thing we had to an experienced import reciver as cohen and mitchell are rookies and Walker is average.

Something is missing here in my mind and when i saw all those empty seats i thought hmm? maybe we just can't afford the players to have a dent linebacker like Armour or a decent defensive tackle or another proven american proven reciever other than miles .

the scary thing is many of the people that did go that game were appalled and may not go again . I was appalled myself and may not watch the ARGO GAME if they out the 2 same DT's out there ( Adams and Lewis) along with Mariuz and no experinced american reciever to go with Miles. The argo runnig game looked good against Winnipeg . Imagine how it will look against these guys I mentioned .

Nothing against Gordon but I thought last year he was OK at best . Last game he was terrible. He is their weakest link in the backfield as it seemed Bradley and Ribinson and Thompson were burned much less and had tighter coverage

Ponder was released today according to CHML

Lets get the real story before we jump all over the club about the release of Ponder. For all we know maybe he asked for his release.

Who is jumping all over the club?

All I did was write what was on CHML.


This makes no sense whatsoever.

There had better be a signing on the horizon.

TPB I wasn’t saying you were. others are looking for an explaination as to why he was released. until the club gives a statement we don’t know what happened

JoJo rides again !