Polls and Questions

  1. Will Hamilton win another game this year?

  2. Will Hamilton try out our 2nd and third stringers to see what they have?

No, and no.

no and no

no and no

Yes (@ Home to Winnipeg)

No (Starters start to keep the integrity of the playoff race)

Integrety? If we are trying to win we sart ABM anybody but Maas

last week = player of the week

this week = cut him

can we cut fans in the offseason?

My answer the two questions in the first post here are (respectively) no and yes.

I say the team will end this season with a 4-14 record. Winnipeg needs the win next week quite a bit more than the Ticats do. And that last game is against the Lions. And after seeing what the Lions did to the 'Cats at IWS...

And to me, it only makes sense for these next two games to be like 2007 preseason games for the Ticats. You could say that the time to prepare for 2007 has begun today. And I personally would like to get a better idea of what we have in Eakin and Williams. Also, I understand that Williams and Fowlkes were teammates at ASU. And that's one reason I'd like see see the team use Fowlkes as a wide receiver. It would not hurt to experiment at this point.

And according to this page that you can view by clicking here, Maas was injured on play #140 of the game. Any word on what happened to him there? Maybe we won't have a choice but to start a different quarterback.

Hi BobYoungFan:

On the play you refer to, Maas was commencing his throwing motion when a B.C. defender hit his arm. It looked as though the injury was to his arm, wrist or fingers. Unfortunately, Rick Zamperin of CHML radio did not ask Maas about it during their post-game interview. Maybe Ted Michaels will have an update on Maas' injury on The Tiger-Cat Show on CHML tomorrow at Noon.

Thanks. According to the page that live play-by-play page, a fumble was forced there. So I figured that something like what you described may have happened. There was no discussion of this that I could find anywhere, and I suppose I should not be surprised. At this point, who our starting quarterback is does not matter much.

I think Hamilton will beat Winnipeg and be competitive in BC. I think Maas gives them the best chance against Winnipeg as the starter, but is yanked mid-2nd quarter if he has a similar start as today's game. If Maas does not perform from the beginning against Winnipeg, he rides the pine for most of the final 120 minutes.