Time to find out who wins the poll! :lol:

eskies will take it over toronto in the Coupe Gray... the als suck tooooooooo much to make it to the big game and edmonton will prove that to them this week :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I guarantee that DEADMONTON will not, i repeat, WILL NOT win the Grey Cup.

I dont think so either. B.C. will repeat as Western Champions this year.

Keep telling yourself that.

The only guarantee is that the Stamps will watch the Eskimos in the playoffs competing for the Grey Cup. Wish us luck, Calgary!

BTW, not to insult anyone, but the irony of a Calgarian calling our city "Dead" is staggering.

It's not a Calgarian calling Edmonton "Dead-monton". It's what the world called you when the city tanked on the World Track and Field Championship.

oh no not the track and field championships! I assume you mean the 2001 championships? I don't follow this stuff please tell me how Edmonton got that nickname, i googled it and it doesnt say anything negative about edmonton, fill me in!

I can gaurantee that with Crandil jr. (Burris) at QB for the Stamps that they will not win the Grey Cup!

..........I too think the Stamps are a long-long-long-long shot to make the GC, but nobody wearing the team's colours, fans or pro, and with an IQ greater than their shoe-size, have ever said it's a guarentee..........a good (reasonable) goal would be make the playoffs........and Burris will get better as the season progresses, just like he did last year........and I just couldn't stand seeing a non-stamps fan as the last poster in my club's house........

Stop kidding your self, the only way the stamps will be getting into the playoffs is if they get the crossover to the east, and that is unlikely to happen. Burris has had an off week and two games to work with his offence, they played against a little better than average defence last night and got no touchdowns (the only one came from the special teams). Ricky Ray who did not play a single game last year just needed a half of football to get in the groove. Burris is at his best raight now sorry to say, so you better get used to it.

Honestly I think right now the Esks have the best chance with Ray, but you add this poll the cfl chat page and the Riders will win the poll.... :slight_smile:

not that the poll means anything.

........ah yer full of it tmfm.......you go on thinking your little thoughts and I'll go on thinking my little thoughts and we let the season play out for itself......

--I'm not joining in in Edmonton bashing. I hate the team, but I dont mind the city(though I don't think it's as nice as Calgary 8) . I can't remember when it was from, maybe it was the 2001 games. But I think it was actually earlier than that. Maybe the 1994 Commonwealth Games? Or something held in 1997? Anyways, it was a big event, and had journalists from all over the world covering the event. Some British writer wrote to his local paper that Edmonton was absolutely the dullest city ever. He said there was nothing to do, and nothing that stood out about the city to warrant it a place to host a world class event. He kept referring to it as "Deadmonton". I remember it because I was in Edmonton when the Edmonton Journal commented on it.

Thanks for filling me in i had no idea, you know what Dr.Phil says: " Bored people are boring!! "

Go Esks Go

--Haha well actually I didn't know that, I'm not an Oprah fan. But the quote seems to fit, because when the Journal responded to the quote, it said the guy is known for trashing just about every place he is sent to go cover an event. I guess he didnt appreciate your guys' different national bulls on every street corner... :wink:

i din't say the stamps were going to win. they most likely won't. but i'd like them to.

The Als will probably take it.