Poll: Your kid and football

Given the almost certainty of eventual brain injury would you allow your kid to play?

Brain injuries are not just a football problem . Hockey , Rugby , Boxing , Skiing , Skateboarding and Soccer are just some sports prone to this injury . Even fake wrestling is prone to this injury . I was injured playing Pick up sports way more than any organized game .

I worry about other influences outside of sports that can harm my kid .

If you don't want your kid to get hurt place him in a plastic bubble .

We decided not to let our kids play tackle football. Most other sports can remove / limit contact. Tackle football can not. Even in contact hockey there isn't hitting every play, in tackle football there is - usually multiple incidents every play.

Our kids have played almost all of the main team sports at either a rep or house league level at one point or another, except for tackle football. One has expressed an interest in flag football and we are fine with that.

That's what is right for us, others will decide what is right for them.

My son is a millenial and he did play Bill George(park district) football for 3 years. He decided to stop playing on his own. Park District football teams in Illinois are based upon age and weight. There was a weekly weigh in to ensure that participants were within the weight parameters.

He also played baseball, soccer and hockey, but stopped playing organized sports the summer between 7th and 9th grade when he became interested in music and begged his parents for a drum set. He proceeded to form a garage band (which practiced in our garage) and found out that even at that age, girls like guys who are musically inclined as much if not more so than athletes.

I am glad he decided to stop playing football when he did. I would have had a problem with him playing in high school.
I was an assistant coach one of the years he played.

I would not let him start playing as young as he did (5th grade); I would wait until 7th grade now and would strongly advise him against playing in high school. Would also have a lengthy discussion about the injury risks and make sure that playing football was something he really felt he had to do.

LaCrosse is rapidly growing in popularity in the Midwestern US and it also has considerable injury risks. Even more girls than boys LaCrosse because for some strange reason here in the states, girls play without helmets while the boys do.

I do not understand the reasoning for that. Getting hit in the face with a ball or wacked with a lacrosse stick would be excruciating without a helmet to protect you.

The last data I saw was that Pop Warner youth football in US has a 9.5 % decreased enrollment.