POLL : Would you like to see the NFL in TORONTO?


Would you like to see , the NFL , in TORONTO???

At this link , click on , "sports" or "football"

Look for the POLL ? in the middle , top right of that page.

The CFL , is losing. :thdn:

These POLLS do matter! :thup:

I don't think these polls really matter. Any wingnut can vote on these.

Also, the CFL is not necessarily losing. Some of the people that voted that they want the NFL might just be of the opinion that the two leagues can co-exist. Doesn't mean they want the CFL to crumble.

You wanna see this poll change to NO very quickly?

Ask the people if Toronto taxpayers would be willing to help finance the bringing of an NFL team to Toronto as well as help pay for their stadium so Paul Godfrey and others will be able to line their pockets?

And it will be Toronto taxpayers. The rest of CAnada isn't going to give a penny.

Because thats what is really going to happen if Hogtown wants a team. Paul Godfrey will have his hand out because he thinks he is doing Toronto some great favour by bringing the NFL to Hogtown.

And Godfrey sure knows how to blow other people's money. Just ask Ontario taxpayers when the Skydmoe was built? Or Ted Rogers, who Godfrey has helped blow millions on baseball.

And I'd bet you it'd be 80% NO to that question.

The rest of Canada might not want to give a penny but that might not matter given when Toronto asks, Toronto gets.

The poll is actually quite close: 54% yes to NFL, 46% no.

It doesnt surprise me that the NFL is winning the vote, it seems that there are a lot of Yankee wannabes in the Center of the Universe. If you take a close look at the recent events going on in Toronto, the city seems to be more American than Canadian.

The CFL is losing? The CFL isn’t even mentioned in that poll.

Personally, I’d love to see both the CFL and NFL in Toronto. The more football the better.

Just because people want to see the NFL in Toronto, doesn’t mean that they want the CFL eliminated?

What is it about the NFL posts lately? Who cares really???

Every year this issue comes up. As a matter of fact twenty times a year this comes up. IMO the city of Toronto is the unnamed fifty-first state. I am absoultely sick and tired of this issue. FACE IT TORONTO WILL NEVER GET AN NFL FRACHISE!!!!!!! And if they did, the CFL wouldn't die as a matter of fact, I think the CFL would be better without them. In the next 10 years, I see Ottawa back as well as a new east coast franchise or two. If the "Center of the universe" wants a slower paced, superstar protecting, 30 minutes to play the last minute in a blowout brand of football, give it to them. They didn't support the Arena team they had and after a few 3-13 seasons in the NFL and taking out second mortgages on their houses just to afford to take in a game, they won't want the NFL either.


What events are you speaking of? I have lived in Toronto most of my life and ost of the people I know are proud Canadians. A lot have a strong dislike for our American friends. Please get a clue. People who like the NFL are not Yankee "wannabes" as you say. Maybe they just like the brand of football better. Maybe they think, as I do, both can exist in the same market.

The poll results are fixed. I've been following this for a while today and it looks like there is someone auto-voting for the "Yes" side. The Yes side is climbing at a consistent rate of 3.8 votes/minute. You'd expect that the numbers would go up in fits and spurts and not smoothly climb at the same rate all day.

Too bad. I would have liked to have known what people actually felt.

i don't even want Toronto in Canada

Im with chebacca, just give us what you owe the rest of the country approx
$27 000.00 Canadian none of that funny American stuff . Each by the way and see ya later.

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Let then seperate into their own country!

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chewy I also agree with you and I live and work in this damned location.

Why don't you just leave?

I plan on when I am ready.
Typically childish of you though CRF.

pot meet Kettle... kettle meet pot

Personally I'm sick of all these so called "Canadians" who think Toronto is nothing but an American state or who think the country is better off without us. Wishing this great country to be torn apart is just plain stupid - especially when it's about a stupid childish complex so often seen outside of Toronto.
Oh I hate Toronto because it's bigger than us, they get what they want, they vote Liberal, they are wannabe Americans - what a load of *****. Grow up already. Think your better off without us - then you leave - go on your own. You don't like Toronto - Leave for somewhere you think is better.

I have had the good fortune to have been around the world and lived in 5 different countries. I've been to Halifax, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec City, Windsor, Edmonton, Calgary and countless other small cities, towns and villages across this country. Know what? Each has it's own charm and merits. I don't hate them or wish them ill. No matter where go I'll always think of Toronto and Canada as my home and both as two of the best places on Earth to live work and play.
You want to hate Toronto... fine. Just keep your non-patriotic garbage to yourself.

Let me flesh it out a bit then. You may hate the place for whatever reason, but it's obviously providing you with something that whatever place you want to be in doesn't. Otherwise, you wouldn't be there.

My point is that it obviously has some good sides. Or at least one big one.

Differences in rules aside, if I had my choice, and I’m saying this as someone who loves the CFL, what I would like is for all current CFL cities and more to have NFL teams and not CFL teams? Why, just because the NFL makes so much money and is much more financially developed, for obvious reasons, than any Canadian professional league could ever hope to be. So pro football would be in excellent shape therefore especially with how they share those revenues in the NFL between all the teams. Very nice and I don’t think too many people would object to this. The Grey Cup would still exist as an amateur championship like it was originally, played between the univerities and maybe junior clubs. So this tradition would live on and the GC would be open to more Canadian cities than it currently is.

However, the above isn’t going to happen so Toronto getting the NFL doesn’t cut it for me, I don’t really care. The only way I would support a Toronto NFL team, and they have the right to pursue a team according to western free enterprise business, is if the CFL and the Argos benefit from this financially and in some other ways like marketing. I don’t know if this could happen but it would be a must for me to attend any NFL game in Toronto.