Poll: Worst offseason move?


It has been a crazy offseason!


Quite possibly the craziest and wackiest offseason in CFL history.

The Argos fired their GM Jim Barker in February! That's right, why fire him in early December, and have 2-3 more months to hire someone and prepare for the next season? DUH! Let's make it a real challenge and allow all of the other teams to have a 3 month head start. YAY!!!! It's the Argo way! :lol:

OHHHH!!! But, the evil empire in the land of that giant shopping center, decided to do even better. They fired their GM Hervey in April. IN APRIL!

April fools it was not! Yes, the draft is but a few weeks away, and the Esks have no GM. Sounds like a plan! :rockin:

Of course Corky in Riderland had to make a splash of his own. . . . . and so signed Young to a contract with the Riders. Young became an instant CFL legend in potash land :roll:

That should be enough. OHHHHHHHHH, but no! After Steinauer skipped town. Austin promoted Jeff Reinebold to defensive coordinator. :oops: OH NO HE DIDN'T?!

Oh yes he did!!!!! :rockin: You can read what Johnny thought of Reinebold's stint as Alouettes DC in 2012:[/i]


Vote early and vote often! :cowboy:

I voted the timing on the Barker firing. :thdn:

On the other hand, the Argos seem to have hired a competent replacement. :thup:

Consider adding the Orridge firing to the list.

It's got to be the VY signing . Knucklehead Jones continues to show how inept he actually is at finding talent and how far he will actually go to feed his enormous self inflated ego . The guy makes absolutely no sense whatsoever in the way his brain works . I mean okay , sure trade 34 yr old DD away , I get that , he wasn't your guy in the first place BUT to then turn around and replace him with the "Rodney Dangerfield"of the CFL ? The leagues version of the worlds biggest band-aid in the " I'm always on the move" Suitcase Kevin Glenn at age 38 and then just to top it all off turn around and bring in Mr " I haven't played a game of football in 6 years " Vince Young at age 34 as your other possible replacement ? And the best part of all this ? ......All the spin doctoring going on trying to sell all this to the rabid Rider fan base as a positive in the so called no stones un-turned Jones approach in looking for the so called "Next One" at quarterback to lead these Riders out of the wilderness and back to greatness :lol: Yeah Okay , good luck with that one Corky !!! :smiley: :lol:

If could have voted for a tie, it would have been between the Barker and the Hervey firing.

I sent my vote with Barker since it was based the on field product which is the GM's madate and was so obvious that it should have been done after the regular season.

The Argos firing GM Jim Barker in February
They knew they were getting rid of him but sat there and then when they did can him they hoped to retain the head coach but never said anything to him. Really? brutal

The Riders signing Vince Young
0 ventured...don't see a big negative w/o some signing bonus

The Ticats promoting Jeff Reinebold to defensive coordinator
Sounds like it was offered to a couple decliners...Time will tell on this one...but hey, defensive "Guru" Chamblin is also back as a DC so who knows

The Eskimos firing GM Ed Hervey in April
From everything I have heard this had to be done....unfortunate timing but was something that had to be done. Fortunately, teams have been fairly cooperative about giving staff a chance to advance their careers this late in the offseason

Barker takes the cake by a lot for me

What? No Commissioner firing after only 2 years on the job and on the heels of a very successful "CFL Week" in Regina? Not saying it would have garnered my vote, but it seems like a "no-brainer" to at least be included.

Some Lions fans would argue trading one of the best tackles in club history (Jovan Olafioye) for a player (David Foucault) who - National or not - has not even played a down in the CFL. Not sure if that qualifies as "worst," but at the very least, "riskiest."

Consider the source. For example how in the world would the Riders signing Young even register as a possibility as one of the worst moves? It is a ZERO risk signing, hence how can it be a bad move? There is nothing to lose.

Making major high risk moves like firing GMs late in the off season compared to signing a player you can cut with the stroke of a pen aren't even on the same planet.

It's a Hater Poll.

You are 100% correct on it being a Hater Poll but not because of who and why you think . Johnny if you noticed is the OP and the only one thus far to vote for Jeff Reinebold's promotion to DC with the Cats as the "Worst offseason move" . Yup , for whatever reason he absolutely HATES Reinebold and always has as you can see from his link to his previous thread on the subject stemming from when JR was DC in Montreal. It has always been no secret that Johnny has always had for whatever reasons a huge Hate-on and hard-on for JR .

just in case you missed it or didn't bother to read his "Fire Reinebold" thread I'll re-post it here..........


Heck Johnny didn't even vote for Vince Young in his own poll .......although I think it's safe to say that Johnny doesn't think too much of Vince or his chances at success in this league and probably hates him more then he likes him BUT believe me when it comes to HATE.......Jeff Reinebold is probably at the top or very near the top of Johnny's list .

I didn't read his Reinbold thread as I wasn't visiting this site at that time.

In any event in my opinion including the Young signing in a supposed list of "worst offseason moves" just reeks of a lack of real football knowledge. It doesn't belong. Some may even consider it a violation of Rule #3 as it is clearly intended to be inflammatory, so out of place it is.

Just cuz he happens to hate someone more doesn't exactly justify Young's signing of being in the poll.

It's quite transparent really. Oh well, hard to take something like this poll serious. 8)

[i]Yup. One of the people Johnny dislikes the most ever in the CFL. Bobo, you'll probably hate him as well when the Ticats' defence is giving up 30 plus points per game. The worst defensive coordinator Johnny has seen in a LONG time in the CFL.

Our 2012 defence was a disaster with him as DC.[/i]

[i]A good number of people have made constructive and interesting comments about the poll subject. :thup:

The few Rider fans who have commented, have cried, complained and whined like babies. :thdn: [/i]

[i]Yes, Johnny voted for Reinebold's promotion to Hamilton DC as the worst move.

If Collaros remains healthy for the whole season (a big IF), with a decent defence, the Ticats can win the East. With Reinebold as DC, no way! Austin took his team out of contention when he promoted Reinebold.

The Ticats' defence will most likely give up 500 points or more.

This is how Reinebold's defence was in 2012. The defense was so complicated, the players on defense could not properly execute it. But, to the opposing offense, the defense was simple! Cause they knew what was coming.

It should be the other way around: simple to the guys on defense, complicated and complex for the opposing offense. Reinebold has got it arse backwards....

He completely neutered all stars like Chip Cox and John Bowman, by having them play in ways that did not match with their skill set. He had Bowman dropping back into coverage on a regular basis. That's right, the guy who gets a dozen sacks or more every season, and who constantly is a menace in the opposing backfield, was used in coverage on a regular basis. :roll:


So you're saying Depops response was crying and whining? That one response from him has more valuable and intelligent information than your 1,444 posts combined.

OHHHH!!! But, the evil empire in the land of that giant shopping center, decided to do even better. They fired their GM Hervey in April. IN APRIL!

April fools it was not! Yes, the draft is but a few weeks away, and the Esks have no GM. Sounds like a plan

GET real tinker. Think Jason Moss and his coaching staff are Dumb!!! They make most of the decision on players
or draft picks as a group. Won't loss a step. Good team players and coaches for sure.

Ed Who!!! Big Big Draft coming where 8 players may make CFL as back ups.


Why is promoting Kavis Reed who was the Special Teams Coach in Montreal last year to GM not in the poll???

Yet when the TiCats promote their Special Teams Coach/Linebackers Coach (Reinebold) to DC, you consider that the worst off season move. :roll:

Right on Grover !!! :thup: Great minds think alike , I was just thinking about posting the exact same thing . You beat me to the punch my friend :smiley:

So's how about it there Johnny ? Care to give us all your take on yer brand new GM and the terrific job he so far is doing ? :lol:

[i]False equivalency.

Reinebold is a proven failure as a CFL DC. There is a whole season on tape of his 2012 defence.

Reed has never been a GM. It may turn out to be a bad decision, but we need to see him on the job for a decent amount of time to judge that. So far though, he has not been impressive. For the record, Johnny wanted Sunderland to get the job, and not Reed. [/i]

Don't worry Johnny, after a few more dumb trades, you'll be looking for a new team. How does Johnnytheticatlover sound?

Nah it's quite clear that 3rd Person Johnny and his obsession with all things Roughriders is really deep down a die hard Saskatchewan fan...... :smiley:

Ouch !!!!

From a Johnny Ti-Cat slayer to a.........

Johnny "Roughrider"............kinda sounds like a name for a 70's Gay Porn Star . :smiley:

Go Johnny Go !!!! :lol: Gonna need a lot of toilet paper if you're gonna cheer for those Riders :slight_smile: