POLL: Winnipeg's QB For The Banjo Bowl Will Be...?

Looks like the Elliott Experiment has come crashing back to reality. Will they rotate to another of the Three Stooges or bring in a new contestant?

this is not on elliot. He should still play next game. Not one single bomber played well today. Wanna replace them all?

If he's healthy it's almost certainly going to be Pierce. If not, flip a coin. You can't determine much of anything from yesterday's game except that the Bombers lack leadership.

I say anyone but Pierce. Winnipeg needs to dump him after this season.

That may be, but I think Pierce gets his job back when he is healthy (healthy enough to play). If he sucks, then put in Elliott/Brink. But Buck at least gets a chance to reclaim his starter's job.

You don’t dump your only experienced QB, you move him down the depth chart.

At this point Elliot has played well in the previous two games one where he was able to come out and light it up for over 400 yards and the other a grinde it out blood and Guts match with BC where he held his own and scratched and clawed like a true competitior.
No on for Winnipeg played at all. Time to stick with Elliot for now and see what he has. They should now be able to find help on the O line now that the smoke is clearing from the NFL Cuts

My guess is they're so desperate for a W in Winnipeg, they'll go back to Buck ASAP and hope he's got some of that magic left from early 2011 left. Obviously, not a long term solution, but at this point Joe Mack can't be thnking about anything other than how he can somehow manage to keep his job on a week to week basis.

You could be very right about that. Te odds are until they improve that O Line he will get injured again so that could also play in the equation. Certainly they are now trying to figure that out with odds being they may be Darned if they do or darned if they dont. I still think that Elliot gives them the best chance to win and going by last games performance would not be a good use to evaluate the situation

Is Buck healthy? I thought he was out for the season.

I'd say that regardless of how good or bad the OLine is, Buck is just too injury prone to stay healthy for any extended period. Not sure if he's just a physically fragile player, if it's because he takes too many foolish risks (not sliding, not throwing the ball away) or a combination of the two.

As for Elliott, this might not be the best time to have such a young QB starting in Winnipeg. He was basically thrown to the wolves on Sunday, and trying to be QB in such a hopless situation can ruin a player's psyche.

With Winnipeg at home and the way that the Bombers played the previous two games it may not be that bad for Elliot to be the starter he actually most likely has a lot of confidence after his 1st two games and can see that his game there was nothing he could do

What I'd like to know is......How many games before the GM in Winnipeg fires another Coach. Lapolice must have enjoyed the last game! :roll:

I dont think it really matters. They might as well playing the young QB in Elliott to get him more reps. You have to think Buck is gone after this year - he'd make a good back up somewhere.


Elliott gets the start.

Troy Kopp!

Lee Saltz!!!

SAMMY GARZA!!!111!!11

Starter for banjo bowl will be Joey, Bombers must go with youth. Buck will not play most likely. Their are two teams out west
who are Very interested in Bucko. Not for 5 or 3 years, or be their regular starter, BUT JUST for 6 or 7 games to make a run at the cup. They have a surplus of good talent that will help the bombers. Bombers will have paid most of bucks yearly contract.
So is Buck going West for insurance?? Time will tell.

The reason Buck won’t play in the Banjo bowl, is he is still hurt. If he could go, he would start!

no one will trade for buck pierce. lol @ the thought even.

name those 2 teams? ill bet they dont exist.

what the bombers need? canadian olineman. <-- thats about it. would buck fetch a canadian olineman starter? nope so he wont be traded, released maybe later but definitely not traded. there is no teams out there who realistically want or need him.. edmonton? doubt it, there oline is bad too, calgary? doubt it.. bc? nope. sask? maybe but again i highly highly doubt it. name those 2 teams? cuz i dont even think theres 1 who has interest in pierce. he's too injury prone.

Not impossible, just have to look. Cedric Gagne Marcoux was an East Division All Star two years ago and started every game for the Argos last year. For reasons only Jim Barker can explain, Toronto doesn't see him as a part of their new and improved OLine. Argos sent him home and put him on the 9 game injured list, so it sure wouldn't take much to acquire him in a trade. Or wait until the end of the season when Barker releases him for nothing.