POLL: Will the Ticats finish LAST in da East?


The 2016 season starts now! Everyone has been inquiring about Johnny's poll. Well just like Batman against Bane, Johnny's poll rises! :rockin:

Back by popular demand! Here it is, Johnny's first poll of the 2016 season!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah! Let's look at the Ticats. Over the offseason they have lost Justin "MONEY" Medlock! A guy who could fart on a football and put it through the uprights from 58 yards! They lost WR Terrell Sinkfield. Also their Quarterback Zach Collaros will miss a good portion of the beginning of the 2016 season because of injury.

Also, the offensive coordinator who guided the Ticats potent offense from 2015, Tommy Condell is also gone; replaced by a pro football and CFL neophyte.

If we take a gander at the competition. Ottawa might take a step back, but with bra wearing Henry Burris, and mini Hugh Campbell at the helm, they will still be competitive.

Toronto still has Milanovich, who learned at the alter of Marc Trestman, as well as 62 year old Ricky Ray.

The Bombers, well the Bombers can't be any worse...

The Alouettes are as good or better in every aspect! Looking forward to see Duron Carter outrun and squash a few defensive backs :rockin:

With the Ticats depleted and gutted roster, and their "should have been MOP before the injury" quarterback Collaros out for a long time, it looks like LAST place in the East awaits the Ticats.

Vote early and vote often! :rockin: :cowboy: [/i]

Johnny, try to get off the glue.

The Bombers play in the West.

:roll: :roll: :roll:

The Al's are as good or better? They stacked their receiving core and didnt bother to sign anyone to throw it to them. The career journeyman (Kevin Glenn) and the college phenom (Vernon Adams) I dont think will take them to the playoffs. Not to mention Popp is over the hill and beyond but still wants to play coach. Im not going to comment on the Ticats because we dont know what theyre going to do with all these new players and coaches. However, since Austin has joined us 4 years ago, weve been back to back ED champs and lost in the east final last year.Last year was the only year in his tenure we kept most of our roster intact. Far cries from the 3-15 cats or the 1st round exit cats.

Don't feed the troll

Yes, if it is not fed, it might decide to go out and find a life.

You Cats fans need to get thicker skins. This is the main forum and Johnny is just having fun.

Sadly,the SMS guts every team, every season, so it does t really matter. It's all about protecting the QB nowadays. The reason the games have been so terrible the last few years is that teams have not protected their QB.(the penalties of course too). Hence, every single QB got hurt last year other than Burris, and every single QB got hurt in 2014 other than BLM. This is why the art of the 5 yard pass has become the norm in the CFL. If the Cats can put together an O-line and keep the QB standing , they will have just as much of a chance as anyone else

Maybe he's time travelling and meant to say 2006 season :lol:

And they're winning the poll anyway! The best form of revenge is success! :rockin:

Which ever way you want to look at it, Bungle's polls are more fun anyway.

This is THE MAIN FORUM! Unless someone comes here schilling another league or sport, it is not trolling.

The Bombers keep switching divisions! But yup, major brain fart by Johnny :smiley:

[i] Johnny was expecting a bit of nastiness from his good buddy Brihind88.

And what does the 88 in your name stand for? You some kind of Eric Lindros groupie?


Maybe Johnny should work on literacy before trolling.

Yes, they have lost to many players
It's too many, not to many. Notice the double o.

Seek therapy, seriously.

Thank you for the spelling tips "Canadian football fan". You are TOO kind :roll:

Johnny must be a Cat fan !!!! He posts more about them Cats then them Dirty Birds :stuck_out_tongue: Hell practically every post Johnny submits he's talking about those Cats. Come on Johnny admit what we already know.....You LOVE those CATS :rockin: :smiley:
LMFAO :lol: An alouette fan telling somebody else to get a thicker skin. Pot meet kettle, besides we all know that Johnny is a closet Ti-Cat fan. As a matter of fact I think it's time to once again give Johnny a new nickname. Hmmm let me think?
"Cupcakes" has already been used and he was already "Charming and classy" at one time he was "The one and only" maybe Mr "All Italics" ? Naw !!!! It's all been done before........I KNOW !!!!! YES I'VE GOT IT :smiley: From this day forward for the rest of the 2016 season Johnny will officially be known simply as...........drum roll please.................................

Johnny Cat :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Come on Johnny pet the nice Cat like a good little birdie, we all know you like it :smiley:


Well , I thought I did well with JOHNNY JEALOUS OF TICAT CLASS or JOHNNY TICATS LAYER. Cause his den ( layer ) is decorated in black and yellow. Fine Johnny Cat works .

I forgot from last year, that he was a Larks fan. He never talks about them. I guess I should be more understanding and patient with him. " Those people " are a bit different. :wink:

Maybe Johnny should avoid this forum, as he always seems to forget his meds when he visits here.

Every time I try to get away from The Johnny, The Johnny " pulls me back in " :wink:

1988 was the year I started with the company that I am still with today.
28 years later, still doing great.
Thanks for asking. :smiley:

Hope Johnny enjoys the 2016 season. With the old Stallions finishing last. :lol:

Harass you soon Johnny.

[i]Brihind, nope, you did not do Johnny well, your jokes are lame. And yup, Johnny does get a chuckle and even laughs at Bobo's jokes. Ah that Bobo! So comical. But he is a Ticat fan... No one is perfect :smiley:

Johnny talks up the Alouettes all the time! DUH, wake up guy. Or visit the Als forum. The owner of the Alouettes does not moderate the Alouettes forum. So you can post your thoughts.

But seriously Bobo, are you not worried that your team has lost some good players, and the OC? Is there at least ONE Ticat fan that will address Johnny's arguments, rather than attacking the poster (Johnny)?

Yeah sure, Johnny talks smack. But Johnny backs it up. Medlock, Sinkfield, and OC Condell? No one? Last year Ticat fans were foaming at the mouth for these guys, and TALKING about them. OH WAIT, THEY ARE NO LONGER TICATS, SO THEY ARE GARBAGE... Typical Ticat fan behaviour. :roll: [/i]