Poll: Will the Stamps beat the points against record?

If Johnny has done his research correctly, the 1989 Eskimos gave up the fewest points in an 18 game season. That season, they gave up 302 points.

So far, the Stamps have given up 231 in 13 games, for an average of 17.7 per game. They would need to give up no more than 70 in their last 5 games, for an average of 14 per game to beat the record.

Their 5 remaining opponents are: Alouettes, Ticats, Riders, Eskimos and Winnipeg. The Als and Ticats should be easy for them. The Eskimos are in a rut, and they just limited the Riders to 9 points.

Johnny thinks they have a chance to do it.

With the Stamps giving up only 11 points to the Alouettes, they are still on pace to beat the record of 302. They have now given up 242 points in 14 games.

Watching that Stamps defence last night, wow! They are fast, aggressive and suffocating. One of the best ever? The best ever? Either way, it is a special defence.

Obviously the best ever was the 1967 Tiger-Cats. They are being honoured tonight. Watch and learn.

Averaged less than 14 points against over the entire regular season. Did not allow a single TD in their final six games, including the Grey Cup victory. Total points against over those six games: 17. Think about that.

Yes, we were good once, a long long time ago.