Poll: Will the Riders finish last in the West in 2019?


Well, after Chris Jones leaving and giving the Riders the “dutch oven” treatment, the team is a mess.

The team can only hire 1 person (according to the cap) and needs a VP, GM, HC and DC. Yikes! Furthermore, the new HC will be stuck with all the coaches Jones hired.

Things were actually looking good for the Riders after their 12-6 season. Now, fugget about it! The team has been severely crippled by Jones’ departure.

So, will the Riders finish last in the West in 2019?

Vote early and vote often! :stuck_out_tongue:

…I’m going to vote no right now…if Reilly leaves Edmonton, and BLM leaves Calgary, and BC doesn’t pick up Reilly, there are three teams alongside the riders that have a chance to finish last…right now, today, in the West only Winnipeg has decent continuity from last year…

Your right at this point in time the Bombers look solid out of everyone mentioned .

They are really putting lots of pressure on Bighill to put them over the top defensively in 2019 with the recent signing .

The Bombers do look strong at the moment. Although Lyle might disagree… :slight_smile:

as long as Maas remains HC in Edmonton, that are in contention for last.

…I don’t think anyone has said that…12-6 is a pretty good record…

It will depend on Eskimo’s off season

I suspect that they will.

They’ll be fine next season.

Possibly, but I don’t buy it quite yet. BC and Edmonton have a lot of ground to cover, and in theory with Bo Levi getting looks down south, Calgary may finally be due to return to earth.