Poll: will the eskies repeat next year?

I say yes if ray stays healthy behind the oline and tucker is signed...

Not a chance in hell! ha ha ha

can you tell us why rw????? theres always the possibility but i dont know... teams in next years cfl are going to be even better and were losing a couple o-linemen, maas, maybe a couple dbs.... i still think our defence will be the best in the league... once agian....

on second thought, yeah we will lol

Could be a tough repeat.

(1) Danny McManus could start teaching Ricky Ray to throw unopportune time interceptions.
(2) Lancaster Junior could demand that his players listen to him this year instead of Audibalizing and changing the play at the line.
(3) Morris and Beaton could retire with rings on their fingers creating a big hole in the offensive line.

Just a couple of thoughts to throw into the discussion.

I don't want to sound like an asshole but I don't even want Danny Mac in an eskimos uniform... i hope he retires and we get to see some more of jason johnson... seeing him in pre-season wasnt enough and i hope he backsup ray whether Mcmanus is on the team or not.

Maccocia has said that Danny Mac is not guarenteed the backup spot.
He will have to win it.
As for the question the poll and answers are just a valid as with any other team.
Edmonton won the cup and they deserve it, but all three games could have gone either way and the 3 teams they beat could just have easily won the cup and could do so next year, along wth every other team in the league

I think the Esks will release Danny Mac during training camp/ the preseason next year b/c of his estimated 200,000-250,000 dollar contract. Then he'll probably retire and end up being our QB coach for a smaller salary, or he'll become a commentator for cbc or something.

......maybe a better than average chance of repeating......but not a lock.........there's at least three other teams that could beat the EEs on any given sunday......but the EEs will be a favorite going into the preseason.....

I wouldn't say the esks will be the favorites..... your stamps will have many cfl fans rooting for them.... its a shame, but its the truth..... i think many people are going to have high expectations for them so hopefully you guys dont sink like the riders did this year... i cant wait to see how danny maciocia prepares for labour day and the rematch.... is he going to be able to get around you guys like the last half of this years game???

man lifes boring right now without football..................................................... :frowning:

Why trade for him and releaase him?
Besides, they will have to pay him for the balance of his contract.

Actually, no. Football contracts are not guaranteed like in many other sports, such as hockey. The Eskimos signed Ricky Ray to a multi year $400K+/year contract, and if he had not performed in training camp, they could have cut him immediately, without paying him a penny. That is how the Argo’s signed Avery to a multi year $250K/year contract in 2004, and then got him to sign a $125K/year contract the very next year, in 2005. It was either sign for $125K/year, or be cut, not collect a single other paycheck from the Argo’s, and roll the dice that another team would sign him for more than $125K. If the Argo’s would have been forced to pay Avery out for the full amount of his contract, he and his agent would have been idiots for signing a contract worth less. If McManus is truly getting $250K/year, I’m sure the Eskimos will at least renegotiate his contract in the off season, unless they add assistant coaching duties for his salary.

I dont think that they will repeat it next year because the only reason that they made it to the Grey Cup was because of Jason Maas

Wow, you’re a moron. Football is a TEAM GAME, all Maas did was help us out in a few tough situations, he is NOT the sole reason we won the Grey Cup. I am certain that the trading of Maas will not affect the team at all next year, seeing as most people agree that Ricky Ray is better than Maas and he has the grey cup rings and appearances to prove it.

No way will Edmonton repeat. They no longer have Maas and he Was!!!!!! I repeat WAS!!!!! the real reason they got that far! Edmonton was in trouble with Ray as the starter and you are fooling yourself if you think otherwise.
yes it is a team game but you can not win if your QB is not going and Ray was not going.So just be happy that you had two #1 QBs to choose from because you sure do not have that this year with McManis.

You are right. Jason Maas came off the bench and did exactly what the back-up QB is supposed to do. Just like Sean Fleming came in did his job and Troy Davis and Joe Montford and Dahren Diedrick and so on. I could list the whole team, but I'm kinda hoping you get the point without me having to do that.

In the GC game Ray stepped up and was able to get it done, but I suppose in your warped "I hate Edmonton" world that performance had no bearing because someone else did his job the game before? It matters not about the regular season or Ray's performance, only the 15 minutes that Jason Maas executed that won the GC?

Have you ever heard the phrase "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt" Your take reveals a very shallow and uneducated opinion. Jason Maas was a starter here, the undisputed #1. He had mixed results and some of the negative comments about his game were that he was unable to control his emotions and was prone to fits of temper. He's a fiery guy and plays with his heart on his sleeve. It was also a very common opinion that he could not win the big game. He has had injury problems throughout his career and was just coming off shoulder surgery in the off season prior to last year.

I really do find it amusing that all of a sudden Jason Maas is the better of the two QB's. Jason Maas is a starter in this league and deserved to play. I think the trade will work out well for the Cats. He was 9-9 two years ago with lesser talented Esks team and threw for over 5000 yards. That said let's not forget that Ray has two GC rings and a GC MVP out of three appearances, in his first three years in the league.

Anytime a team wins a championship you can go down the roster and find that all the players made significant contributions. To say that any one specific part is greater than the whole just shows a lack of understanding of what makes a team. I suspect some of you may be suffering from "I hate Edmonton" syndrome in which case your comments are completely understandable. If not, then I guess you just don't know very much about football.


well said supertoe!