POLL: Will it be an All-West Grey Cup this year?

With the strength of the West division, and how much the East is "struggling" with the exception of one team, will this year's Grey Cup be the year the crossover team makes it to the big show?

I don't think the crossover team is strong enough to beat Montreal. But, I also didn't think the Bombers would beat Calgary with their back-up QB either. Anything can happen. Bombers could still finish the season strong and make it in. Anything can happen, but most likely, the crossover team will play Montreal in the east final and lose.

I agree with djmc

DJMC. There is a very good chance that Calgary will be the crossover team. Didn’t they just throttle Montreal on Friday?

Well, I wouldn't call 41-30 a throttling, but like I said, anything can happen. One thing is for sure is that as much as I love my Bombers, the west is tight, will crossover and make it to the east final. No teams in the east match up to any team in the west except Montreal. Bombers have an outside chance of making the playoffs. Should we beat Toronto in our last meeting and tie with Toronto at the end of the season, we already have the point spread taken cares of thanks to that awesome 39-9 spanking on Friday.

What's Montreal's record against the West this year?

Montreal is 1-4 against the west so far, but the Riders have to play in Montreal yet and they still have 2 games against the Eskimos.

That's the thing, they have played mostly eastern teams. I think 6 of 7 victories came against the east. You're right, Montreal does look like they have their hands full with the cross-over team should they make the east final. The only team they have beat in the west was BC. That was only a 5 point spread.

That was the game where BC had 500 yards of Offense and couldnt punch it in the endzone from the 1.

Montreal is the 5th best team in the league.

It doesnt matter if they had 1000 yards of offence, Mtl still beat BC
And how do you figure 5th?

I think every team in the West is better than Montreal at this time. Their record is padded by their wins in the division. They have a good offense but their D is their weakness.

I'm not saying the Western teams are much much better than them, I'm just saying they are better. All the teams ranked 1-5 can beat each other on any given....Friday. :wink:

Cept BC

Agreed. If you look at the schedule and the wins, it's hard to argue that Montreal has a much less competitive division to play in. They looked brutal in Calgary and I think it's clear that the 4 Western teams are stronger, but that's just me.

That’s funny considering Montreal is 1-1 against BC. What’s your record against the west now? 1-4? Most impressive for a supposedly first place team.

If things stay the same right now, BC would be the crossover team. We split our games with Montreal so far 1-1. Calgary beat them, Sask beat them. Edmonton hasn’t played them yet, but I have no doubt they can beat them as well.

imo Montreal should be sweating the crossover. The semi-final game should be a cakewalk for any western team. Based on games this year there is a darn good chance Montreal will lose the Final if they face any team from the West.

Really? How do you figure, Ro?

Ro talks smack about BC out of fear imo.

He knows his team has only 1 win more than us, got 6 of thier 7 wins playing 3 of the worst teams in CFL history, and knows MTL has little chance of beating any western team if there is a crossover.

Don't let it bother you, he'll be crying in his beer while he watches an all West Grey Cup at home this year.

Sounds to me like some of you are thinking that BC will be the crossover team already. It will be tough on whoever that crossover team is to win in the ESF, it hasn't been done yet, so don't count out the Argos , Bombers or Cats. Especially the Bombers , they are looking a lot better as of late.