Poll: Who's Your QB?

Not really surprising.

2/3 for Masoli
1/3 for Evans

almost right where I’d expect it to be.

A lot of noise about Evans around here. Clearly there is a silent majority that is still loyal to Jeremiah.


That’s an interesting way to put it.

The longer Masoli doesnt play the better he gets. Who knew.

Nope. Not that interesting. There is a few on here who can’t wait for the door to hit Masoli in the ass. The poll so far indicates that all their Evans lobbying isn’t swaying public opinion.

And so disloyal too.

Wouldn’t every pro football team love to have “our problem”. Eventually teams/players resolve the issue : Moon - Wilkinson , Clements - Holloway , Theismann - Barton , Ham - Calvillo , Collaros - Harris, and Masoli - Evans .

I don’t think you make a decision until you have to make a decision . We have time on our side with Evans signed till 2021 .

Let’s get Masoli signed and let them work it out . The ugly elephant in the room in football is always injuries . We need 2 good quarterbacks all the time . One veteran and one up and comer seems to work and that’s what we have now . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch ( in Orlondo I trust )

Have a friend who thinks there’s going to be a meltdown in here when Masoli leaves. Don’t know whatever gave him that idea.

Here’s an idea for your friend. How about reacting to actual fan posts when they happen, instead of tearing a strip off of everyone in advance for what you imagine they might say?

Because when that happens it’s considered as a “personal attack” then a descent into victimhood.
Have no choice but to generalize so no one’s feelings get hurt as no one was singled out…
But that’s not working either …

If that’s how they feel that’s their right.

Personally I like both, current situation with cap, contract status etc dictate to me that the prudent thing to do for the franchise would be to offer him a backup role and should he be offered starters pay and position somewhere else it’s his choice to make.

Don’t see anybody adamant that he’s a bad QB not worth having. (Maybe one).

I like Evans over Masoli. Evans has much better throwing mechanics and throws a much tighter ball. Nothing personal, I believe Evans will improve and become a top notch quarterback.

Through no fault of his own Masoli is no longer the future of the team. But until Feb he’s still a valuable asset.

Time to start thinking trade. Get an impact player in return ? Maybe. Get a starter or two packaged with picks? Probably.

To let Masoli walk away and getting nothing seems like poor “asset management”

Man, your going to be pissed when Masoli re-signs

Is there any cap reason for another team to trade for Masoli right now, and not just wait to negotiate in free agency?

I know in the NBA, a players current team can offer more money than a new team in free agency, which leads to lots of sign-and-trade deals.

If the CFL wasn’t full of tampering it would give a team exclusive negotiating until Feb. however they could sign him now and get the 2019 cap hit.

Toronto traded for Franklin knowing he could walk.

Not sure what we could get for him at this point, probably nothing.

Yeah, I’m going to hate when my favourite football team has two good qbs. Pure hell on earth.

This makes the best sense. Dane is locked up at what I assume is a palatable cost, allowing Masoli to get his pay raise. Make the call in 2 years…by then it may be obvious.

I lean towards Dane simply because Masoli’s injury feels too much like ZC’s who was never the same after (concussions played big part in that I’d think).

Unfortunately we have to decide now.
You cant sign Masoli to starter’s money and then “work it out”, If Dane wins the starting job then what?
The coaching staff will likely have to make a decision right now who they plan on being the starter come training camp - if they think its Masoli, sign him and give him the ball. No competition.

Like the NFL - with the new CBA it appears you only get a certain amount of time with a team friendly QB contract. Since Evans is under contract you could restructure his remaining year then a raise in the 2nd, 3rd year. This would be a HUGE advantage over the team that decides to give a free agent (Say Masoli) 500k.

The second you pay a QB 500 or more, is the second you suffer in other places. This isn’t about Masoli vs Evans, its about who’s under contract and who is not.
If you liked that Defence, and you liked that offensive line, and you like those receivers… you better learn to like Evans.