Poll: Who's Your QB?

Simple poll.
Lots of discussion about if’s and but’s… lets make this simple and have a little bit of fun. Curious where the community stands on this one.

You can have 1 QB next year and under contract for the following 2 years. Not both.

Lets assume whoever is the starter, the money is the same. You can consider age, injury, etc. but there’s no way to keep both.

Many don’t want to put it in writing so lets put it to a poll. Lets try and keep comments civil and to a “Why one” vs “Why not the other”. Both have their strengths, both have upside. We could win the GC with either.

Personally i’d rather have Evans. He’s younger, not coming off an injury and seemed to pick up the system quickly. I think he’ll learn from the big game and come back even better.

Evans for me if it comes down to a choice. Like you say, he’s younger, healthier, has a bigger upside.

I think the biggest decider is that it took Masoli a good few years to get to where he was pre-injury, Evans seems to be there now. I’m just hoping he doesn’t do a Jennings impression next year.

Masoli as I fear the sophomore jinx.

Making one more assumption; Masoli is 100%. Then I would take Masoli as he has overcome a lot of adversity; playing on far lesser teams than this years team.

Taking nothing away from Evans, but this was the best ticat team we have had in three decades - the win - loss record, number of All star players on the team, stability & experience of coaches…etc.

If I just look at the starting point of drives from 2018 to 2019 - it was huge advantage this year.

Those are good points, 150GAGE. I was thinking something similar.

Both are good QBs who have proven they can win, know Condell’s offence, have rapport with our receivers, etc. Here’s a few considerations relating to the straight comparison between the two.

Masoli strengths:

  • Further along the CFL learning curve. Presumably better at reading defences, playing under different systems, etc.
  • Better scrambler and runner.
  • More accurate deep passer (IMO).
  • No chance he will bolt for the NFL at this point in his career.

Masoli weaknesses:

  • Some uncertainty about whether he comes back from the ACL injury at 100%.

Evans strengths:

  • We may be able to extend him with a pay raise that is still below what the top-tier QBs are getting, leaving room to strengthen/retain other positions on the team.
  • No recent injuries - can hit the ground running in 2020.
  • Five years younger - could be around longer. (Although Masoli at 31 is not exactly old and could easily play another 5+ years.)
  • Stronger arm, which is an advantage assuming he remembers to take some heat off the ball on dump passes.

Evans weaknesses:

  • Has not faced real adversity yet as a pro. Had one of the strongest teams in recent memory to support him in 2019. No opportunity yet to demonstrate that he can carry a weaker team if need be.
  • Some ball security issues (fumbles, interceptions).
  • Is his NFL dream still alive? Possible flight risk.

Way too much logic and thought put into your comments. Is that allowed when talking QB’s??

Thanks for this ??

Sophies choice,

I refuse to chose.
I want both but would be happy with either one

With the exception of one poster, I think most would agree we are in a good spot with either QB.

If healthy they are both top 3-4 in the league IMO

If you pick the poll nobody will know :wink:

  1. Masoli is just as apt to turn the ball over as Evans is.

  2. When did Masoli ever “carry” a weak team ? When the team was struggling so was he.

Here’s a question for you.

Do you believe the team will try to do what’s best for winning?

If the Ticats aggressively go after Masoli, then I would think that the “professional “ football people on the club think he is the better bet to win games now.

We’ll see how good your talent assessments are come training camp.

No. They are secretly planning to sabotage both next season and beyond. They want to lose.

There was that time he took over a totally dysfuctional 0-8 team and went 6-4

I don't know where to find fumble stats, but Dane did seem to cough it up a lot when hit in the pocket. Like his radar didn't detect the imminent contact. It's not insurmountable - we saw something similar with Calvillo '97 and Burris '12 and both recovered.

Masoli breathed some life into the team at the end of 2015 when he finally got into the games. Arguably not a "weak team" given the success they had enjoyed earlier that season, but somehow our defence and ST lost their mojo when our starting QB went down.

And in 2017 a QB change helped salvage an 0-8 season. Not the only change that happened, but things are never 100% determined by the QB, are they.

Aah, Dork! Every silver lining is heavily encased in a dense cloud. The glass is not only half empty, some fan probably spit in it. :smiley:

I guess you couldn’t tell my questions was rhetorical. Couldn’t find a fitting emoji to help you out.

I wasn’t really looking for an answer from you. ?

Which improved accross the board (when they found a coach they could like) and not just at QB.

Two starting QBs.
One starters job.
One is 25. The other is 31.
One also wants a raise.
Over a dozen vital to near-vital FAs to sign.

Its not a half empty half full question. Its what has to be done.

Dane Evans is the future of this team not Masoli. The sooner the team comes to terms with that fact the better. Which doesnt make me a Masoli hater.

Keeping both and expecting them both to be happy and having the money to sign FAs is a fan fiction fantasy.

Surprising result so far. Masoli leading 20-10.